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I saw this meme on Nicole’s blog and thought it looked like an easy weekend post. Apparently what I’m going to attempt to do is to go back into my archives and find one post from each month of the past year and post the title and first sentence. I wonder what I will learn from this…

Ice Skating Brings Lots of Good Mommy Points: I’ve been a very good mommy this week.

Forever in Blue Jeans: Since it is my birthday month and I’m also on a yarn diet*, I have decided that the best way to treat myself is to start lots and lots of projects without a care of whether I actually ever finish any or not.

I’m Allergic to Old Navy: I am terribly sensitive to vast quantities of flip flops.

What is Pink and Green and Yellow? : April showers bring new colors to Project Spectrum.

Sheep Butts and Other Good Times: Fiber festivals are really good because they have things like…

M&M’s Make Friends: I think I have discovered the secret to happy summer days with the junior agents: Start them off with some M&M pancakes!

Another Beautiful Day: I can’t believe this is Connecticut.

Triathlons, Chocolate, and Knitting…: Those are the three things that make a perfect Sunday.

Glorious Fall and Shedir: I’ve been busy working on my dyeing this morning.

The Start of Dark Victory: As we all know, the start of a new sweater project involves much more than casting on the first stitch.

Episode #57: Teen Room Makeover: We’ve been promising Agent K a room makeover for a few years now.

Rapping at my Chamber Door: Today, we fought the bleak December by making gingerbread houses.

So, what did I learn from this exercise? First, it is not quite the quicky post I had anticipated. Second, we did a heck of a lot of stuff this year! This was fun to go back through and review my year. It is nice to look at the spring and summer photos to remember flowers and leaves and anything green. We did a lot of traveling — we actually went to 4 major U.S. cities which were L.A., New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. We saw a lot of family and we got through my mom’s lymphoma (she is still doing ok, btw…). IHA graduated Law School, passed the bar, and got a new job. I also got a newpart-time job this year which made me very happy. Oh yeah, and I opened my Etsy shop too, how could I forget that? There are a lot of posts where I mention how much the agents are driving me nuts! That will probably not change, I’m sure, but I will try. I also started out last year with about 17 to 18 posts per month and ended with 6 to 7. That is not a good trend and one that I intend to reverse!

Hope you enjoyed this little Spincerely retrospective! Have a great weekend…

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I’ve knit 4 hats since Christmas.  I am in serious hat knitting mode.  They are completely portable, non-thinking, yet creative projects!


Main color:  My handspun from Funky Eclectic Superwash Merino in Nuclear
Contrast:  Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Creme


Main color:  Handspun yarn by Mamascrapalota won by me through a blog contest
Contrast: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Creme


Main Color:  Handspun yarn spun by Sara at Fyberduck won by me during a blog contest (I really really really LOVE this yarn!!!)
Contrast: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Creme



Pattern: Amanda Hat by Gina House 
Main color:  A purple/pink colorway of Malabrigo Worsted
Contrast:  Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl Ten

Well, now that I have the hats out of the way, I can get on the resolutions.

I always think that I great resolution for me would be to be a better Breakfast Mom.  I should be the kind of mom that gets up and makes warm milk and pancakes for her agents before they travel on to school, shouldn’t I?  But this would be a silly resolution for me as I can’t even seem to do it once to see if I would even be good at it.  Let’s face it, I must be realistic with my resolutions and there is no way I’m ever going to be able to do Breakfast.

I supposed I can keep on listing what my resolutions are not going to be as that would be a lot easier, but that list would be never-ending so I will move on to My Major New Year Resolution:

I heaby resolve (and not revolve as Agent B keeps saying) to be a better 3 to 6 p.m. Mom and Person too.  That means that I am going to get as much stuff done while staying sane at that time of day as humanly possible.  Right now, as I write this, it is 3:12 so I am already sticking to it!  Between 3 and 6 a lot of things happen in my house.  At 3:30, Agent J arrives home. At 4:10 Agent B arrives home.  At 5:15 Agent K arrives home (unless I am the carpool driver in which case I am out of the house from 4:45 to at least 5:15).  At 6:00 IHA arrives home.  I also have to serve snacks, make dinner, return phone calls, check my e-mail, sort the mail, and help with homework in that time.  Usually what I do is surf Ravelry and Bloglines.  Well, I do that in between the other stuff but I want to do more.  I want that time to be more useful and fulfilling.  I think that it means planning ahead with menus for dinner and spending less time surfing knitting sites and more time with the Agents.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I will let you all know how this goes. Also, any ideas would be appreciated.

As to other resolutions, I have a lot.  I need to exercise more, well actually, I need to actually be exercising to exercise more, right?  I need to eat healthier and shop healthier.  I want to buy less “stuff” and waste less “stuff.”  I think it would be so cool to be the type of family where people say about us that we never waste anything.  I need to spend more time with my parents.  I need to be better at commenting on other people’s blogs and replying to comments made on my blog.  I need to keep up with my Etsy shop more!

Ok, well you get the idea.

Off to get snack ready,

Have a great afternoon everyone!

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Hoops and Yoyo and I received a lot of really cool presents this holiday season. We thought we would bring you a parade of sorts…


First up is our new yarn storage. This gift was from my mom and dad. It is a self – chosen item as I was given a few catalogs and allowed to pick what I would like. I really do like it, but I have to say that it is rather the miniature version of what I expected. In the photo in the catalog the bins are shown storing shoes — really, what appear to be full grown adult shoes. I tried and there is no way that a pair of IHA sneakers would fit in a cubby. I know, I know, I should have looked at the dimensions closer, but really – for the price I had expected each cubby to be a good 12 by 12 by 12!!!


Next we have Hoops and Yoyo riding our new Roomba — Rollie Pollie Ollie. They loved it though Yoyo had a much harder time staying on that Hoops. Rollie Pollie Ollie is from IHA and the Agents. It does make housework more entertaining. Hoops and Yoyo say “Rid’em cowboy!” Croppy, when we finally get to visit you in the Midwest, they will be ready for that bull riding!


Hoops and Yoyo really like this gift from Knitcole. It is a singing tavel mug. It says something like “Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, I’m drinking my coffee out of my mug but it talks to me, It talks to me. I’ll drink a lot of coffee and then I’ll have to, I’ll have to pee.” Then there is a lot of giggling and one of them says “What? But it is true!!!”

Now this one, Hoops and Yoyo are really excited! They have been asking me all year when they were going to get a chance to learn something new and exotic so any day now (preferally when my hives are gone) we are going break out this dvd and learn to belly dance (I promise to spare you the photos of that.):


Then we are going to do some body art. Anyone want to join us? BTW, thanks for this gift go to LFG and LFB. Thanks!

Finally we have the one that really made Hoops and Yoyo pee. Yup, they had just each finished a huge mug of coffee when they saw this:


They crossed their little legs and giggled their brains out. When they were done laughing, Hoops said, “Look Yoyo, now we can put our wienies in the appropriate slots and when they are done they will pop up!” Yoyo said, “And Hoops, when our wienies are done our buns will also be nice and toasty!”

Just think, if you come to visit us, you too can enjoy hot, tasty hot dogs, ANYTIME!!!

Seriously, most of what Hoops and Yoyo said they read right off the box!!! They’d like to send Sarah a very big Hoops and Yoyo THANK YOU!!! Your NIIIIICEEEE!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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Cheryl was right, she did cry.

And LFG was actually surprised. Someone had apparently NOT been reading my blog! That’s ok though, I’ll forgive her as she did cry tears of happiness and joy…


Cheryl’s exact quote was “LFG may just cry (I know I would)…”


It is a good thing we didn’t actually watch the movie together or we would have probably been sobbing!

Finished Project Specs:

Pattern: Dark Victory from Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted from Creative Fibers in Windsor, Connecticut (for specific colors see my Ravelry project page here.)

Needles: Sizes 8 and 9 Addi Turbo circulars

Size: 34

Thoughts on the yarn: This yarn is an absolute joy to knit! It is so soft and easy on the hands. I love, love, love it! I have a feeling that since it is single spun it will pill easily, but LFG assured me that she can handle that. I also love the colors of the yarn. It does pool easily so you have to be very careful of that as I think I ended up with some pooling around the bottom band, but I think I kind of like it. You also have to alternate skeins as the dye job from skein to skein is quite variable.

Thoughts on the pattern: If you have been reading along as I’ve been knitting this sweater, you already know that Dark Victory and I had some relationship issues. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from knitting this as I think the end result is worth the battle. None of the techniques are difficult, just make sure you check the correction page first and then read ahead in the pattern. I have to admit that not all the conflict between Dark Victory and myself were due to DV’s difficult personality. Many times it was just an error in communication. Maybe we just have different cultural backgrounds and I was quick to misinterpret DV’s instructions. There were parts (like the sleeves) that I just never understood I just had to discover them for myself (ie: wing it). I was worried that I would get all the way up to the twisted float section and then not be able to do it, but that part was really not so bad. Once the sleeves were on and I figured out how to space the decreases, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I guess by that time we had both just mellowed into our relationship.

Additional photos:


These are the sleeves. Agent J noted for me that they were “supposed” to be “capri” sleeves. They actually came out to be full length sleeves. I think that it was just luck that they landed at a good spot on her arms and even though they are not the 3/4 length sleeves they wanted to be, they are not too long nor too short for regular sleeves.


Here is the close-up of the front and the twisted float stitch pattern. I didn’t exactly follow the chart for changing colors but just went with the flow of what I thought looked nice together. After the twisted float, the pattern tells you to change to the smaller needles for the 4 by 4 rib. Later, at the top 1 inch of the sweater it tells you to switch to the smaller needles again so I gather that it is optional when you switch. I switched the first time it told me to and I think that I’m glad that I did or the sweater would be falling off her shoulders.


Here is the back of DV. The seam was rather tough as it had all those color changes and numerous ends from switching balls. You can see it a bit on the top left. In the photo of DV in the book, it shows the seam in the front, but it is very easy to put the seam in the back and I would highly recommend that.

Also, I read Spinning Spider Jenny’s most recent blog post earlier this evening and spotted some photos of LFG and Dark Victory together out in the wild It was so exciting to see! Please go take a look. She is under Jenny’s pee story but before her potato “buds.” Actually, I love the photos in her post where her friends are swinging towels to get rid of the drunken soldier smoke and it looks like they are battling with glittering fairy dust. It must have been a magical evening.

So, I haven’t really blogged too much in the last couple of weeks. It is not because I don’t have anything to write about, I actually have quite a few ideas in mind, but I knew I had to write about DV first and that it would take a while. (And believe me, it did, and I didn’t even include every little detail!) As Christmas always does, it takes up a lot of time. We really did have a nice holiday though and I feel very lucky that I was able to see many of my friends. We had a fun night out with Mad Knitters the Friday before Christmas. A long lost college friend visited the next day. Two of my girlfriends who had moved away last year were back in CT to visit this week. One of them being Crops a Lot and we had a scrapbooking night at New England with her scrapping crew. I saw Enchanted with my girls and a high school friend and her daughter (that is a great movie to see with a girlfriend, btw). And this is all in addition to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Vermont with my sister (LFG) and my parents and family!

The day after Christmas, I also came down with a cold. Granted it is not a debilitating cold, but just enough of a cold to make life not pleasant and to make me very tired. I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but I also have a chronic case of hives. These are like crazy things and I’ve been to the doctor for them 3 or 4 times and go back again on Wednesday. Really – hives since the beginning of November??? They go away a bit for a while, but always seem to come back with a vengeance. They make me very tired and I’m sure everyone I know is getting tired of hearing about them.

I did manage to finally start dyeing again. I have some rovings dyed and ready to photograph for my long understocked Etsy shop. I can’t wait to start listing new stuff there again!

I never seem to manage to get very nice Christmas Day photos (especially ones like the absolutely stunning photos of Sarah’s Christmas table on her blog), but here are a few in closing.


Grandpa and Agent B have a cuddle.


Agent K is always ready with a smile for the camera.


You can tell from her smile that there was cranberry sauce on the table.


They are ready! These little agents opened presents all day! After we got home Christmas evening, I restocked our tree and they opened even more!


What is in that box? Maybe someday IHA can post about it himself???

(ETA: And he did!)


LFG rec’d all kinds of gifts — this one I think, was purple nail polish from the girls.

Happy New Year everyone!

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