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Archive for January 2nd, 2008

Hoops and Yoyo and I received a lot of really cool presents this holiday season. We thought we would bring you a parade of sorts…


First up is our new yarn storage. This gift was from my mom and dad. It is a self – chosen item as I was given a few catalogs and allowed to pick what I would like. I really do like it, but I have to say that it is rather the miniature version of what I expected. In the photo in the catalog the bins are shown storing shoes — really, what appear to be full grown adult shoes. I tried and there is no way that a pair of IHA sneakers would fit in a cubby. I know, I know, I should have looked at the dimensions closer, but really – for the price I had expected each cubby to be a good 12 by 12 by 12!!!


Next we have Hoops and Yoyo riding our new Roomba — Rollie Pollie Ollie. They loved it though Yoyo had a much harder time staying on that Hoops. Rollie Pollie Ollie is from IHA and the Agents. It does make housework more entertaining. Hoops and Yoyo say “Rid’em cowboy!” Croppy, when we finally get to visit you in the Midwest, they will be ready for that bull riding!


Hoops and Yoyo really like this gift from Knitcole. It is a singing tavel mug. It says something like “Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, I’m drinking my coffee out of my mug but it talks to me, It talks to me. I’ll drink a lot of coffee and then I’ll have to, I’ll have to pee.” Then there is a lot of giggling and one of them says “What? But it is true!!!”

Now this one, Hoops and Yoyo are really excited! They have been asking me all year when they were going to get a chance to learn something new and exotic so any day now (preferally when my hives are gone) we are going break out this dvd and learn to belly dance (I promise to spare you the photos of that.):


Then we are going to do some body art. Anyone want to join us? BTW, thanks for this gift go to LFG and LFB. Thanks!

Finally we have the one that really made Hoops and Yoyo pee. Yup, they had just each finished a huge mug of coffee when they saw this:


They crossed their little legs and giggled their brains out. When they were done laughing, Hoops said, “Look Yoyo, now we can put our wienies in the appropriate slots and when they are done they will pop up!” Yoyo said, “And Hoops, when our wienies are done our buns will also be nice and toasty!”

Just think, if you come to visit us, you too can enjoy hot, tasty hot dogs, ANYTIME!!!

Seriously, most of what Hoops and Yoyo said they read right off the box!!! They’d like to send Sarah a very big Hoops and Yoyo THANK YOU!!! Your NIIIIICEEEE!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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