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Archive for January 28th, 2008

3 to 6 doesn’t have to suck and so I keep telling myself.  I’d actually love to get beyond the sucking part and maybe move into a little having fun, but baby steps, right?  Baby steps…

Getting through my 3 to 6’s without completely losing my mind is one of my New Year resolutions.  I’d thought I would give you all a brief update so I can share some of my strategies.

The first thing that I’m doing to get through 3 to 6 is to prepare.  Good preparation equals a good week of 3 to 6’s.  I have been printing out our schedule on Sundays and writing a menu and corresponding grocery list.  I then take the grocery list to the store and shop for all the food we need for the week.  I know, nothing too earth shattering there, but it really helps to not have a 3 to 6 creep up on you and not have a clue what to have for dinner nor the actually ingredients to make dinner.   I have also been asking the family to come up with menu ideas.  The first couple of weeks this was great as they came up with the menu for a certain night and then the menu’s creator would help make it that night.  However, they have suddenly figured out that picking the food meant more work for them, so that idea has to go back to the drawing board (plus their food choices tend to be very high fat).

The second thing that I’m doing is not waiting.  I’m just making dinner and we are eating it.  If IHA isn’t home yet (like tonight) then he eats when he gets home and cleans up  what is left to clean up.  I was trying really hard to have as many family dinners during the week as possible, but it seems like it is inevitable that whenever I time dinner for 5:50 p.m., at 5:30 I get the call that he is still at work and is going to be late.  So that means no more waiting.  It really helps and we just have to have more family dinners on the weekend.

Croppy is going for the gold in her 3 to 6 event and has her children actually doing the ultimate crafts for technical merits such as painting!  I don’t think I’m ready to take off my training wheels and try that stunt yet, but maybe soon…

Thanks for “listening” and have a great evening!

In parting, a weekend shot…


 The  junior agents watching the eagles in Southbury on Sunday morning.

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