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Archive for January 30th, 2008

I am very happy to report in this TYC project update post that I have nothing to report.  As a matter of fact, TYC and I are best buds.  Tomorrow we are going out together for a spa day and then we may indulge in a little ice cream or maybe even a margarita and  we’ll talk about DV behind his back.

So far, TYC  is a joy to knit and even portable because I was able to knit a couple of rows while waiting for the band concert to start last night.


So, I’m off to lunch and then to work.  Wednesday nights I work at the library so I am out of the whole 3 to 6 loop.  It. Is. So. Nice.  I love it!  I highly recommend it to all you 3 to 6ers out there!  If you can find one night for your other half to be the 3 to 6 person, it is just awesome.  IHA does a great job with his 3 to 6 too.  Well, usually he just works through it and I leave dinner in the crock pot, but today he has a whirlwind of driving and activities.  Good luck IHA, I know you can do it!!

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