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Archive for July 19th, 2009

I’ve managed a little spinning this summer. Nothing like a Tour de Fleece–more like tour of my backyard or something, but spinning none-the-less.

This is Robes of Autumn hand painted bfl silk roving by ArtemisArtemis from New Zealand.  The colors are fun and it is easy to spin.  I’ve actually been spinning this while watching True Blood episodes which I have been Netflixing this summer.  True Blood is a highly addictive show which I must confess will cut this blood blog post short because I must go watch my nightly episode!

Oh, yes, and in case you are wondering–the sun has come out in Connecticut! We have had blue skies and mild weather!  Of course, I always live in fear that the dreary will return, but for now we have sunny dyeing days and cool sleeping nights.  For now.

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