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Archive for July 4th, 2010

Outside my window (yesterday)…

stage 10535

I am spinning for Tour de Fleece… Moonwood Farm’s “Moonbeams – Holiday Pudding” which is a soft and delightful blend of alpaca, milk, bamboo, merino, and a bit of angelina. This is continued from yesterday. Today I repackaged my first bobbin, spun and repackaged my second and plied.  Coincidentally, I pretty much finished right as Stage 1 of the Tour de France finished showing on my TV.  And even more coincidentally, my yarn broke right during the major crash at the end of the race.  But, being the fair event that this is – I still won!   {There were so many crashes today.  I can’t even imagine how they must all feel (except for the actual Green Jersey winner) after riding over 5 hours just to end up all having the same time.  Also, there were so many new injuries too.  I was amazed at how they could all ride so close together and not land in a big tangle, but I guess, sometimes, that actually does happen. }

Here is a photo of my plied yarn prior to setting the twist:

stage 10531

This was such a delightful fiber to spin.  I love the way Roo added just a bit of green throughout the blend.  There is just a trace of sparkle in this yarn too, though I couldn’t quite capture it in the photo.  I’ve washed it and it is drying now.

Total spinning time today… about 1.5 hours.

I am thinking… about how I still haven’t done my volunteer tasks yet.  Just so you know, they involve printing a mailing and making a webpage.  I’ve done the mail merge, just need to fight with my printer.  The webpage is just the hurdle of starting it, once it is started then it will be fun.

I am thankful for… my husband  who said when I told him that I still don’t understand what the sports announcers are talking about when they mention time bonuses, that a time bonus is when your husband makes dinner so you  can have extra time spinning.

From the kitchen... tonight we had lobster, corn, baked potatoes with a cilantro/yogurt sauce, and salad.

I am wearing... my dyeing clothes

I am creating... rainbow colored rovings as they are much requested!

I am going… nowhere, just staying home and catching up.

I am reading... my sister’s band new blog @ Ladee Sunshine .

I am hoping… that tomorrow will bring less bickering in my home.

I am hearing...  Sixteen Candles. K is finishing up watching it as she fell asleep when we were watching it together last week.

Around the house... dishwasher running, D and J playing wii…  pretty calm at the moment.

One of my favorite things… an early morning walk with my husband.

In my garden…

stage 10530

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