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Archive for July 13th, 2010

Outside my window… dark and rainy

I am spinning for Tour de Fleece...

Stage 90667

Spinning time for Stage 9, day 11… about 2 hours. I fell to the back of the peloton. Grrrr!!!!!

I am thinking… marketing really works on me. I SO want a Nissan Leaf!

From the kitchen... tonight we had a  pork tenderloin with salad, pasta, and veggies for dinner. Now all is quiet.  Oh wait, K and her friend are not out there banging around. Perhaps cereal?  I’m scared to go look.

I am wearing… shorts and a light weight v-neck T

I am going… to bed very, very soon

I am watching… the primetime edition of Stage 9 of the Tour de France.  Some of the spectators are truly crazy and one of the riders just accepted a water bottle from a “fan.” Seems a little risky to me.

I am hoping… for less humidity tomorrow. I’m tired of the frizzed out bangs look.

I am hearing… Tour de France commercials.  All these commercials are so geared to men.  High fat food, energy drinks, batteries, motor oil…  I guess they don’t know about the Tour de Fleece audience demographic watching out here!

Around the house… a bit sticky due to humidity

One of my favorite things… I thought of an excellent favorite thing while I was spinning. What it was?  I have no clue anymore.

A few plans for the rest of the week…
J is going to VT to be with Ladee Sunshine.  I am so going to miss her!  Maybe fireworks with B Friday night.  Need to catch up with my Etsy shop too.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Stage 90665

Yeah,  milk fiber FAIL in such a big way. Now you know why I say Grrrrrr!!!!

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