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Archive for July 16th, 2010

Outside my window… Hot, humid, slight breeze

I am spinning for the Tour de Fleece…

july 16 photos0731

This is 60% merino/30% bamboo (rayon from bamboo)/10% nylon blend roving (aka Panda Top) in a blacks and browns.  I have a plan for this color and yarn to be. I do so love spinning this blend too.  I’m trying to make a heavy worsted yarn so it will probably be a 3-ply.

Spinning time for Stage 12, day 14… about 3 hours throughout the day some watching True Blood and some the live version of Tour de France

I am thinking… I wish I had central air and sleep where I don’t wake up feeling like a freaking super highway ran over me in the middle of the night would be nice.

I am thankful for… the slight breeze?

From the kitchen… very quiet – too hot to cook

I am wearing… plaid shorts and light green top, but I think I will change for later

I am creating… more yarn!

I am going… to bring B to see fireworks tonight

I am reading… I’m still reading The Gate at the Stairs, but I’m progressing!  I brought my mom to a Doctor’s appointment today (She is fine, cataract surgery.) and actually hit a more exciting part of the book. Sad, but a bit faster paced though it is has already slowed again.

I am hoping… for the weather to break (yeah, there is a theme here).  I’m trying to store up the essence of these summer days for later when it is cold and dreary but I would like to be able to walk through my house without sticking to the floor and sit without sticking to the chairs.

I am hearing… B coughing.  She came home from camp with a cough that just keeps lingering.

Around the house… Quiet except for the coughing. J is still in VT, and Dave and K are at field hockey practice.

One of my favorite things… day lilies

day lilies

Hey – one of these is not the like the other.  Can you see which one?  Click here for close up.

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