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Archive for July 20th, 2010

I am spinning for the Tour de Fleece…

july 20 stage 150752

The fiber is merino in Shaded Sapas.  I really enjoy spinning this.  I love how merino makes such a bouncy, springy, elastic yarn which is just so soft and yummy.

Spinning time for Stage 16, day 18… about 3 hours throughout the day

I am working on… being smiled back at.  You know when you smile at someone, they smile back.  Well, yeah, I’m working on that happening in my house. I seem to have about a 50/50 chance currently.  Maybe I need to smile bigger.

I am thankful for... Sykpe. Through the magical powers of the internets, I was able to spin with my sister today!

july 20 stage 150749

From the kitchen… nothing!!!  I had to go to the post office so I picked up a pizza on the way home.  I do usually cook more, it is just that it is so hot and sticky still and I have to spin, you know!  Tomorrow I HAVE to make yogurt.  I also want to make some summer favorites like gazpacho and tabbouleh.  Next week is our vacation week and the tour will be over so maybe there will be some more time for cooking.  With Dave home there will probably be dough and that means grilled pizza too, yum!

I am wearing… see above

I am hoping... K is back from camp and I hope that she gets a lot of rest tonight and that she feels better tomorrow.  She had a good time except for being hit on the head a lot.

I am hearing… Night bugs outdoors and footsteps as everyone readies for bed.

Here is picture I am sharing…

july 20 stage 150750

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