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Archive for July 22nd, 2010

Outside my window… dusk

I am spinning for the Tour de Fleece…

stage 170754

I finished spinning and repackaging my second bobbin of merino in Shaded Sapas and I’m now plying.  I know, today was supposed to be a “challenge” day for my spinning, but I’ve opted for different challenges.  Of course, my biggest challenge through this whole Tour is blogging everyday..  That is BIG for me!  My other challenge for today was to get as much fiber out to dye today as I could.  I try to get at least 8 (4 ounce rovings) out to dye and a big day is 16.  Today I have 24!  It was not as sunny out today as predicted so I’ll see how tomorrow goes, as to whether I take these in on Saturday or Sunday.

I am thinking… Thank goodness the humidity is finally giving us a break!

I am thankful for…
electicity and cable.  Yesterday we lost power around 5 and didn’t get it back until the middle of the night.  If that wasn’t bad enough, today we lost cable just when there were 2 km left going up the mountain and Schleck and Contador were neck and neck.  I was on the edge of my seat (which seriously, me?  I’m not a sports person!) and the broadcast was not that great to begin with so when my screen blacked out, I just thought it was technical difficulties on  the Versus channel, but then nothing…  and when the cable goes out so does the phone and internet. Oh, so then I walked next door to my parents to see if it was just my cable or everyone’s cable (everyone’s) and I’m telling them what happened, and okay, maybe I was being a little over-dramatic to make them laugh, and my mom tells me that I should not get so excited because “I’m going to hurt my heart.”    Really?  Sigh.

From the learning rooms… The girls played another game of Settlers today.  I think that is very educational and counts for this learning room thing.

From the kitchen… I made a tex-mex type of macaroni casserole for dinner tonight. I think it was pretty darn good and I put in all things that girls like but they were less than enthused.  But I made a lot so left-overs all weekend so I don’t have to cook.

I am wearing… pj’s

I am going… to spin some more tonight!

I am reading...  Chat by Archer Mayor

I am hoping… for more good weather

I am hearing… night bugs and K’s tv show.

Around the house… quiet, but everyone is around and about I think.

One of my favorite things… Humm… I had such a good idea for this earlier, but just can’t remember now…

A few plans for the rest of the week… Field Hockey tournament tomorrow night, more spinning, blogging, dyeing, a picnic, and maybe some scrapbooking

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