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23 days, 20 stages, 22 blog posts, 2 pounds, 2 ounces of fiber and the Tour de Fleece is complete!

Tour de Fleece Finished Projects

Roll of Honor

Results after Stage 20

Total distance covered:
Singles:  2.28 km (1.35 miles)
Finished yarn:  1.15 km (0.72 miles)

1.) Mama Jude’s “Moon Shadow” – Merino and Milk Fiber

tour results0781

1 ounce, 52 yards, singles

Green Jersey for being the quickest spin

2.)  Moonwood Farm’s “Moonbeams – Holiday Pudding” a  blend of alpaca, milk, bamboo, merino, and a bit of angelina

tour results0787

1.9 ounces, 72 yards, 2 ply

Best use of contrasting color in fiber blend

3.) “Fairy Wings” by By Rebekah with Love — merino, bamboo, soy silk, mulberry silk, firestar, and angelina plied with tencel

tour results0782

1.9 ounces, 77 yards, 2 ply

Young Rider Jersey for overall cuteness

4.) Galah by Beesybee fibers ,  60% merino and 40% bamboo

tour results0784

4 ounces, 176 yards, 2 ply

Special honors for being my most consistent spinning of the Tour

5.) hand-painted milk protein fiber in the color “Snickerdoodle

tour results0775

This was a CRASH stage but what was salvaged was .75 ounces, 17 yards, N-plied

6.) Saraswati,  Spincerely Naturals 74’s Organic Wool

tour results0788

1 ounce, 63 yards, 2 ply

Best Team Yarn for getting me back on the saddle after crashing

7.) Unnamed colorway, Spincerely Naturals 74’s Organic Wool

tour results0790

4.1 ounces, 164 yards, 2 ply

Most likely to become a ball first.  (I’m so ready to knit this into something!) (Any name ideas?)

8.) Chaya, 60% merino/30% bamboo (rayon from bamboo)/10% nylon blend

tour results0786

8.5 ounces, 161 yards, 3 ply, 8 w.p.i.

The honor of the Chunkiest Yarn Award goes to this big, round, juicy 3 ply.

9.)  Shaded Sapas, merino

tour results0778

4.5 ounces, 217 yards, 2 ply

Halloween Jersey for yarn colors most likely to be found on a Halloween scrapbook page

10.) Jade Green, 50 % angora, 50% merino (I think, the fiber was not labeled) by Oasis Farm Fiber Mill (My only non-phat spinning of the tour.)

tour results0774

1.1 ounces, 72 yards, 2 ply, 15 w.p.i.

The honor of Thinnest Yarn goes to this easy to spin beauty.  Watch for this fiber to be a contender for the Green Jersey in future Tours.

11.)  4 ounces of hand-painted combed bamboo top by Moonwood Farm in the color “Tamara”

tour results0777

4 ounces, 188 yards, singles

Polka-dot Jersey winner with Special Honors in the Areas of Sleekness and Drapy-ness

At this time I would like to thank my teammates at Phat Fiber, my special Phat teammate Ladee Sunshine who played along lovingly and excelled in her own spinning and team support, and my blog readers who cheered and encouraged along  the way.

I would also like to give special thanks and much love to my sponsors, Dave, K, J, and B. Without their support, encouragement, and enthusiasm,  I could never have completed this tour!  I love you family!

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