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“Under the best of circumstances, a handspinner’s hour is 48 minutes long. Under adverse conditions (sadly enough, the typical condition), the handspinner may achieve 20 minutes of spinning per hour. The other 40 minutes are consumed in locating things, winding yarn, preparing fiber, rethreading the wheel, finding the broken end, answering the telephone, going to the loo, and so forth.”Alden Amos from the Big Book of Handspinning, page 147.

2.5 weeks ago, I checked this book out of the library, but I hadn’t had a chance to open it until yesterday. As I flipped through the pages, the one with the above quote caught my eye because of the nifty little pie charts accompanying the text. What a wake-up call. I’m sure accounting for one’s hour is second hand to people like IHA where the billable hour is king, but with moms/crafters, hours slip away very quickly, sometimes with not much actual product to show.

Thinking about my own “Spinner’s Hour” (or whatever craft/activity you are trying to do – for example, I know may of you reading this are thinking “Scrapbooker’s Hour), I don’t think it is very long (esp. when the Junior Agents are home!).

My typical “Hour” goes like this: 5 minutes deciding what craft I should be doing, 5 minutes locating supplies, 5 minutes making coffee/tea/snack, 10 minutes changing laundry, 8 minutes checking e-mail, 8 minutes taking blog photos and jotting down notes, and 7 minutes stalking my favorite Esty shops. So, how many minutes does that leave? 12??? Oh, wait and then the phone rings so it is good-bye to that hour! Sound familiar? How does your crafting hour go? I think I’m going to have to work a bit harder on time preservation! Any tips, IHA???

I noticed an incoming link on my Wordpress Dashboard this morning that led me to a blog called Pioneering on the Homefront where I discovered that Tracey had listed me as one of her “You Make my Day Award” recipients. Thanks Tracey! This award goes to blogs that provide “inspiration and happiness” and I now get to pass that along to some other blogs/sites that I read.


Ragan Knits (really, I just click there and immediately start laughing! Watch out for her Howler socks!) and The A.D.D. Knitter (she has already been awarded, but I just love her tween humor!). In the last couple of days, I’ve really spent much of my time (way too much probably) stalking a certain Etsy shop. Seriously – this has cut out much of my hour of doing anything let alone crafting. This Etsy shop rocks. I am so seriously addicted that I’m not really sure that I want to even share the name of the store as I get very upset when someone buys something while I’m still deciding what I want. I think I will wait until I get my first order and then write up a nice post about how wonderful it is. I guess though, if you really want to know, there are ways around waiting – you could probably go to my Etsy shop and peruse my favorites because she is there in a big way:) Or you could ask nicely and I’d probably tell you.

(ETA:  Egads, I forgot to mention Crops-a-lot!  Oh, I hope no one noticed…  Also, if you get a chance – click on over to her blog as she is  having a 100th post contest that closes the evening of 2/3.)

So now, as promised, a preview of my new Botanical Color Line! This is my first one and it is going to be called Sunflower. Actually I’m not sure yet if I’m going to use the common name or the latin name yet for this and future colorways. I guess I better decide soon if I want to get these listed today!




(These sunflowers are a bit of a nice contrast the winter out my front door today…)



Happy Saturday Everyone!

7 Responses to “The Spinner’s Hour and Other Things”
  1. Oh boy, I got to see these beautifully dyed fibers IN PERSON today, and let me just pass along how truly gorgeous they are!!! Splendid. So delicous looking that I just wanted to eat them! (or smell them and of course feel them). Funny, we have a tree just like that one across our driveway. Spring IS around the corner, non?

  2. Time slipping away and not getting anything done? Hum, sounds familiar…and you wonder why I look so stressed sometimes…

    Tip: Close the door, don’t answer the phone, DON’T READ BLOGS!


  3. Ack! Don’t read blogs??? Are you crazy??? Also — that is not so much what you do, is it???

  4. trying to locate an email address for llamafarmgirl who commented on soapquiltknit re:pokeberry dyeing, with a question re: mordants
    The contact me link wanted to use outlook, which I don’t use, and had an address hemlockhaven at svcable dot net in the properties, which didn’t work.

  5. Hi Jeri – I emailed you :)

    Yummy fiber Tamara – very yummy :)

  6. Oh can I ever relate to time slipping by. Whew! Glad I’m not the only one. I think those fibers are gorgeous. The colors speak to me! I think I have to investigate if you have any left over at Etsy… I know you sell out quickly.

    And yes, I know that I have no way to make them into anything… but I have this really great friend with a spinning wheel……… ;)

    Love your post!!
    Not at all surprised that you make people’s day!!!

  7. Your Botanical colors are fabulous. I wonder how they will look spun? Terrific I am sure.
    The roving is a great contrast to the picture of the great outdoors! AND!!! THANK YOU for mentioning me on your blog. I have to say that reading your blog makes my day as well!

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