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“Bam!”  Spinning and scrapbooking collide!  “You got scrapbooking supplies on my yarn!” “No, you got yarn on my scrapbooking supplies!”  Well, I guess they are just two great crafts that go great together!

Sarah recently asked what I do with leftover yarn on my spinning bobbins. I showed her how to Andean ply what remains to get as much yarn as you can from your spun singles, but here is something else that I do with leftovers – I turn them into “ribbon.”  I make a thicker yarn by turning leftovers into yarn with multiplies of plies and then use it as ribbon on gifts or to tie around some of the Etsy packages that I send out.  I think it would also be good for hair ties for little girls too and of course, embellishment on scrapbooking projects.

Here is one that I recently made starting with one green single, one pink single, and some paper flowers from Prima Marketing:


I had some leftover green singles on a bobbin and I spun some pink to match (both singles starting out spun in the clockwise direction).  I strung some coordinating paper flowers on the green single as it had been hanging out longer and was deadened and not twisty anymore.  I put the 2  bobbins on my lazy Kate and plied them together counterclockwise with extra twist every so often letting a flower go into the yarn.  Then I wound the 2 ply off the bobbin onto my hand to Andean ply it back together spinning clockwise this time with extra twist into a 4 ply.  I repeated it once again plying back counterclockwise to make a balanced yarn with a final ply tally of 8. Since this yarn has paper flowers and I’m just using it as ribbon for wrapping packages, I did not set the twist or anything like that.


There are so many different ways to spin up multi-plied yarn and so many different flowers and other embellishments to add, that there is no end to what you can come up with!

I actually have another post to write a little later, I do wish the sun would come out as this is NOT good photo-taking weather.  The sky does seem to be lightening up a little bit.  Mavbe there is some hope? Anyway, just in case I don’t get back again today, have a great one!

8 Responses to “Spinning up Gift Ties”
  1. That’s a really great idea! I’d thought about adding beads to my spun yarn, but that would be for knitting and not for ribbon making. Maybe I’ll have to give it another thought…

  2. How creative and pretty!! Still trying to send some sun up your way. :)

  3. I tried Andean plying yesterday and it did NOT go well. I followed a diagram for wrapping the yarn, but I don’t think I did it right and I couldn’t get the yarn to feed off my wrist properly. So I wound it onto the niddy-noddy just to get it off my wrist, and tied it off like a regular skein, but it is WAY too spun to use as a single. So I think I’m going to try re-winding it onto bobbins and just plying it normally. Next time, I’ll do a better job of splitting my roving in half. :-)

    Those ties are really pretty!

  4. Hi Sarah, We can go over it on Sunday, ok??? Also you can wind your yarn on your ball winder and use an end from the outside and an end from the inside. That works better if your yarn less excited. You can always hasten the deadening of your twist by putting it on your PVC niddy noddy and steaming it…

  5. Oh! The ball winder! I never even thought of that solution! Hmm…that I can probably handle!

    I also found some instructions on Knitty for “handy plying” — maybe I should try that instead of Andean???

  6. Very Impressed says:

    Okay – NOW I am impressed!!!
    You are one talented lady my dear!!!!!

  7. What a terrific idea! And of course I am sitting here laughing at the computer over your first lines of this post (you got peanut butter on my chocolate…hahaha).

  8. I’m sorry…but yarn gets excited?????

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