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The girls have been crafting up a storm this winter! Although they haven’t taken to knitting or crocheting, 2 of them have developed a fondness for latch hooking. Agent J learned at school during her free period. Her homeroom is with the modern equivalent of the home economics teacher. I not exactly sure what it is called now. I think that she (the teacher) started providing craft opportunities either during indoor recess or X block and Agent J decided to try latch hooking. I think this is great for her fine motor skills and concentration — a very nice thing for them to learn at school. There was one hitch, and of course, it occurred on a Friday afternoon (because all moms love to have sad children get off the bus for that what is supposed to be the easiest of 3 to 6’s for the week). J had been so enthusiastic about latch hooking that we bought her a hook for her very own that was a little nicer than the ones at school. She brought it to school to use, but when she tried to take it home, it was a no-go. Apparently, taking a latch hook home on the bus in one’s back pack is akin to carrying a concealed weapon. This is a very crazy world we live in, don’t you think? Anyway, let’s move on (quickly) to the finished project reports…


Agent J has so far finished 2 12 x 12 latch hook kits! She started with the smile face and then she chose a football for IHA’s office. We still have to figure out how to frame it. Suggestions definitely welcome!

J has also taught Agent B how to latch hook and she is attempting kits in smaller sizes. She has completed the ducky…


Which, I believe, is an 8 x 8. Agent J is currently working on a challenging horse, while B is hooking away on a soccer ball.

What is Agent K doing, you wonder? Well, we have been looking for a craft for her and we found one that she likes at Micheals on Monday. Quilling! She is getting pretty good at it!




Tomorrow we are supposed to have a pretty busy day. I have jury duty and we have tickets to see Grease at the Warner Theater. However, this is the symbol in our weather forecast: 16.png.  If you ask me, it doesn’t look too promising.  Did I mention that the tickets are for all 5 of us and they are non-refundable?  Also did I mention that I have jury duty?  I hope they don’t hold court in the snow.  Actually, I have to call at 5:30 to see if I even have to go. Please cross your fingers for me!  Also did I mention that if it doesn’t snow and I have to go to jury duty that I can’t knit there?  I was actually not all that terribly upset to get the letter in the mail as last time I had jury duty I sat and knit all day and practically finished half a sweater. This time I open the pamphlet to see this:


Jurors may not bring disruptive or potentially dangerous items into the courthouse.  a disruptive item includes, but is not limited to, the following: a radio, boom box, portable television, compact disc player/recorder, or cassette player/recorder.  Potentially dangerous items include, but are not limited to, pocket knives, and sharp objects such as tools or knitting needles.” from Your Guide to Jury Duty  An Obligation and an Honor by the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. {bold emphasis added by me}

I wonder what happened in the last four or so years to warrant adding the lowly knitting needle to a list of banned items.  Anyday now, I’m expecting to see knitting needles and latch hooks on an episode of Deadliest Weapons.

So I’m only about 10 rows away from being done with Sleeve Island.  I think I have time for one last papaya daquari  — you know the kind with the cute little umbrella, and I will be setting sail for Yoke Shore.

Have a great 3 to 6 everyone!

10 Responses to “Junior Agent Crafts”
  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that latch-hooking is like a starter-drug for the wool-infatuated.

    Next thing you know, the home-econ teacher will be slipping them some merino silk blend…then bam, I’ll be adding on to the house so each of the little fiber enthusiasts can have their own craft/yarn room. After all, you can’t have their stashes getting mixed up!


  2. Oh I remember latch hooking. It’s the gateway drug to full fiber addiction.

    And I went to jury duty and took my bamboo knitting needles [even tho I wasn't supposed to either] and knit away all day. It was traffic court…they might have acted differently if it were criminal court.

  3. I had a little stint with latch hooking when I was about their age too only I don’t think I ever finished anything. I’m so proud of my little agents entering into the world of fiber! They are making me proud by leaving little yarn snippets all over the house!

    And this just in… I DO NOT have to go to jury duty!!! Yay. Now I wonder if it is possible that the Warner will give a snow date for its play…

  4. Glad to read you do not have to go to jury duty. Those anti-craft-implement policies are so annoying.

  5. I was going to say bring your knitting, until I saw the article about what not to bring. Hurray now I see no jury duty.Her latch hooking looks so good. I have to check out the quilling for my girls

  6. Yes, latch hooking was the beginning for me. I like IHA’s theories…very good! Love Kendra’s quilling. Her color choices are great.

  7. I remember the good ole latch hook! Fun stuff! I have in my basement a latch hook area rug (!) that Jeff’s grandmother made for him. Phew, that’s alotta latch hooking! Glad they’re all having fun with some new crafty hobbies. Soon (hopefully!!!) spring will come and we will be in full swing of the spring/summer sports. I have decided to enjoy these last crafty days of winter.

    Happy Latching and Quilling!
    Great job all you junior agents!! :)

  8. A very ducky post :)

    I’m not sure latch hooking was my gateway craft – but I do remember finishing projects – perhaps ones you started and never finished?

    Glad you didn’t have to go to jury duty – that is just wrong that you can’t knit while sitting around and waiting! I can see not doing it during the trial – I think you really need to give undivided attention for that – but really while sitting and waiting.

    Too funny IHA!

    Did you ever make it too the Warner?

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