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I just read in the newspaper that March 20 is “Sweater Day” in honor of the late Fred Roger’s birthday. I found this video on You Tube:

I think if we start knitting now, we can make sweaters for everyone right???

Anyway, I have never been able to embed a You Tube video before. I hope this works as I watched a You Tube video to learn how to embed You Tube videos in Wordpress. Apparently all you have to do is take it out of WYSIWYG editing for any post you wish to embed a video. The catch is that you can not ever go back into that particular post in WYSIWYG or you are doomed.

Today, I cleaned like a maniac!!!! I am so glad that I’m almost done. I am so tired of cleaning, and I’m so ready to get back to dyeing next week. I’ve also been shopping for yarns and fibers on Etsy and other places with an fervor atypical to my normal shopping habits. I think that is due to my own lack of dyeing – I have to fill that void! Plus, how can you resist buying a yarn called Numma Numma Toastyboo? So next week, I shall have lots of goodies to post.

Have a great evening and remember to start knitting your sweaters!!!

5 Responses to “Start Knitting Now!”
  1. YouTube came through just fine. Boy, I just love that little piano diddly they played in the background. Such an odd character, but so lovable.

  2. I heard about that the other day–I have to remember that in three weeks!

    And, I didn’ tknow about the NOT going back to WYSIWYG in Wordpress . . . every time I’ve tried to embed a video, it’s crashed on my, so maybe I’ll try that next time. Thanks for the tip!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tamara! You leap year birthday girl!!! Wishing you a very special day.

  4. Happy Leap Day BIRTHDAY!
    I hope that you have a wonderful day.
    Sweater day on March 20! Wow, that is my youngest child’s birthday. Hmm…that means I can try to make him a sweater for his birthday, and there…done.
    Hurray for cleaning like a maniac…I did that on Monday. Haha.

  5. I meant to tell you how clean your house looked! I never knew Mr. Roger’s first name was Fred! I’ll be sure to wear one that day! and the sixteen days between now and then too!


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