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Disclaimer:  This post is going to be entirely about laundry. Yes, laundry, not knitting, or spinning, or children, or anything vaguely interesting. So, if the thought of reading so many words just about laundry is starting to make you nod off, I won’t blame you, and please continue on with your other regularly scheduled blog reading.  I promise that very soon I will have some more interesting posts possibly about things as exciting as watching the snow melt or sewing on buttons.

Here is a photo of  my “old” washer and dryer set:


The washer, a 7 year old Maytag Nepune, we acquired after living here for about a year. Our previous washer had decided to spill its guts all over the floor and leak profusely into the basement below.  I did a ton of research on front loaders and it seemed a the time to be the best choice out there.  It  has been adequately plugging away doing its job daily.  The dryer, a large capacity GE, we purchased when we left our house in Sandy Hook 9 years ago because we had to leave behind our gas dryer. A couple of years ago, IHA had to take out its drum and replace its belt and other parts.  Recently, small plastic pieces have been coming off and it is making horrendous squealing noises which none of us particularly enjoy.

We decided it was time to replace them and get a matching set.  If you remember from a previous post, I had been lusting after the new Wild Cherry Red LG Steam Washer and Dryer.  But I was procrastinating going out and ordering them.  This weekend, however, we thought the dryer was really going to bite it for good, so we went out with our less than sufficient tax return lodged safely in our checking account and took the plunge  We signed our eldest child over to Home Depot and came home with some papers saying that we were the proud new owners of Wild Cherry Red appliances.  Then the buyers remorse set in.  Guilt, guilt, and more guilt.  Why are we replacing a perfectly fine washing machine just to have a matching pair?  So what if we have been married 17.5 years and have never ever had a matching washer and dryer.  Billions of people live perfectly happy and productive lives without ever having matching washers and dryers right?  Guilt, guilt, guilt, and more guilt.  To help lighten the guilt load, we decided to keep the washer in case my mom’s washer dies and she needs a new one.  She is reluctant though.  Even though her own washer is on its last legs, she is not a fan of the electronic front loader.  “I don’t go in for those computers, you know.”  She says.

So last night I decide to do one last load of towels with bleach to clean the washer before storage.  It is a Neptune, you know, and therefore it has spent its life prone to mildew (And yes, just in the last year, I discovered that the key to preventing the odor is to leave the door open between cycles.)  Before the cycle is through, however, I get a strange error code.  Lr it says.  Lr?  I open the file cabinet where we keep all the user manuals and we have about 5 folders full so there is the first project.  User Manual is found, but it doesn’t have a section to explain these codes.  So next step, the internet (and here you can see that sometimes I give away my true age, because who out there would have gone to the internet first and just skipped the whole file drawer experience?)  The internet tells me that Lr is locked rotor error which requires a service call and replacement parts with the cost being around $350.00!   “Oh my,” I think, “What a really cool thing I have new washer coming tomorrow.” What good fortune.  Buyers remorse is gone!  I think my Maytag just loved me too much to let me live with buyers remorse.

So now, I’m trying to decide what is coincidence and what is irony.  I’m thinking that it is just sheer coincidence that my washer died the day before getting a new one and that it is ironic that we were replacing the set due to the end of the life of the dryer, but it turned out to be the washer that was unusable.  In either case, I feel that having to replace a washer after just 7 years and a dryer after just 9 is appalling.  Things should last longer than that, don’t you think?  My hope is that my new set will see us through to the end of college – 12 years from now. That is not too much to ask is it?

If you are still with me at this point and you have not yet nodded off, I am going to reward you with photos of my new Wild Cherry Red Washer and Dryer! Yay!  Oh, what is that I hear?  The twinkling chime of the washer telling me that my first load is complete.  I will be right back…

Clothes are now in the dryer and here’s your photo.  Thanks so much for sticking with me and have a great day!


8 Responses to “Out with the Old and in with the New”
  1. I knew I was a Real, Official Adult when I first realized that the thought of new appliances really and truly excited me. When I had this realization, I nearly cried. ;-)

    Your new additions are lovely. Can I bring over some laundry?

  2. Sarah, if you are quick, T might come over and get your laundry just so she can have more to do!

    (Yeah….right like we would ever run out of laundry around here!)


  3. Oh they are lovely and could the timing have been more perfect?! :)

  4. Can I bring my laundry down for the weekend? Very shinny. Hope none of your children do the 7 year college plan! (on your dime anyways)

  5. YOur new laundry boxes are BEAUTIFUL!!! SQUEAL!!

    I had the fortune / misfortune of marrying a man who bought a washer dryer combo, used, twenty six years ago. He can and will fix ANYTHING. Every time something breaks, he fixes it. The damn things still work just fine but they look like they’ve gone hrough a rock tumbler – scratched, dinged, dented and may I say, ugly and outdated? We may NEED a red set like this, Soon!

  6. You got them, I love the color.

  7. love the new red ones! So shiny!

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