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My days are getting shorter.  I don’t know why.  I don’t think the days are actually getting shorter, because as far as I know, they are still 24 hours.  Why then, do they seem so short?  Is it because I’m getting older?  Will the years between 40 and 60 fly by in a way that they didn’t from 0 to 20 or even from 20 to 40?  I remember the days of my childhood seeming endless and now I can’t seem to get a grasp on my days.

I just had a brief phone conversation with my husband about this.  He doesn’t remember the days seeming so long when he was young.  I wonder if it has to do with my particular childhood.  I remember endless hours spent picking strawberries* or even more endless, picking rocks on the fields of my uncles farm.  My sister and I used to sit in the strawberry stand selling either strawberries or raspberries after hours and we would entertain ourselves by counting cars. We would each choose our colors and whoever had the most cars drive by in our colors would win.  I also had very long bus rides from kindergarten through high school with first grade being the most memorable as a very mean 6th grader had choosen me as her prey for the year.  My mother and aunt loved to have tag sales and we would have to sit and watch those for hours and hours and hours on end.  I could go on with all the things I remember as being endless and my husband?  Well, he doesn’t remember things being endless.  So maybe it is not that my time is getting shorter now, but I just had a very long childhood…

*Just to be clear, I loved picking strawberries.   I loved being out in the fields with the other kids or even some days alone with my walkman, but they really were long days.  I remember the first day I picked as a real worker and not just a tag-along little girl with my daddy.  I think I was 10 and I was going to keep up with all the high school kids.  It was so hard and I think I only picked 81 quarts that day, and I was so proud but I remember it as being the world’s longest day – that every time I thought it was over and we were done, we were just moving to another field.

3 Responses to “Time Passes Strangely”
  1. I totally agree that the days were longer when i was a child…even a young teen. My mom seems to think it relates to her being a stay at home mom and that she had more time to sit around with us before all families needed two incomes.
    Either way the world has certainly sped up!

  2. I so get now what my grandmother used to always say and I, as a child pondered its meaning: “Time flies”.

  3. Missing You Lots says:

    You know, though I haven’t really thought about the topic at length before, I do believe I am in total agreement with you. Time sure speeds up when you have to move a million miles an hour just to get things done. Perhaps the more responsibilites you have the less time there seems to be to do them all??? I will say that here the kids REALLY think the days last forever, because they do! The sun is just going down now at 9:15. By the time the solstice gets here sundown is at 10pm. Makes it a challenge to get everyone to bed at a decent hour. I do love the extra sun though!!! I really, really do.

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