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Introducing Spring Forward One… the first of a pair of socks from a pattern that will steal your heart away.

My first new sock in a long long time. The pattern is Spring Forward by Linda Welch from the Summer 2008 issue of Knitty. The yarn is MadelineTosh Sock in vermillion. It is a very pretty colorway although I think it is starting to pool. With this pattern and this color it should not matter too much. So far this is an excellent pattern. Even though it is lace, it is easy to memorize and it has quite a few just knit rows. I’m excited to be knitting socks again. It feels like it has been awhile.


The Host turned out to be really good. It is 619 pages and took me over 3 weeks to read it. The pace picked up at the end — probably about two thirds of the way through. The middle went on a bit like the middle of New Moon if you have read that one. I don’t want to write anything that would be a spoiler, but from the previews you already know that there are 2 beings living in one body. The story turns out to be quite the love quadrangle. It is classified as adult fiction, but don’t let that fool you as there is nothing more than kissing here. I think it would be just fine for perhaps 8th grade and up to read if they were so inclined. I think perhaps this book is a bit of a reversal of the Twilight Series in that it starts out more Scifi and it is toward the end of the book that there are more “human-y” interactions (in Twilight it starts off very “human” and gets more scifi as you go). Whereas in Twilight my favorite part is the beginning of the first book, my favorite part of this book is the end.

It did take me a while to get into The Host, but when I was through, I was sad for it to end. Out on the internet, I encountered some groups chatting about the book and it seems that one of the favorite topics of discussion is casting for the movie. I don’t know if there is a movie planned or not, but I hope not. I can’t quite imagine how a movie can capture so much dialog that takes place in ones’ (plural possessive intentional) thoughts. I also don’t really know why all books need to become movies. Sometimes I just like to keep them separate, don’t you?

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  1. Gretcheng says:

    Spring Forward is a fun pattern, isn’t it! It’s the first lacy sock I’ve tried, so I’m glad that it is easy but cool looking. I’m knitting them toe-up, two-at-a-time, on magic loop. Sadly, they are turning out a bit too small for my particular feet, so I’m still learning the sizing thing. I figured all socks would find their feet, and I refuse to rip all those tiny stitches! I enjoy your blog. Thanks– Gretcheng

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