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A number of you have mentioned to me, either by comment, e-mail, or in person, that the larger-than-life caterpillar photos are not your favorites. I can appreciate that so I thought I would post something from my yard a little more rollie-pollie and hugable (and a little more difficult to photograph). So now, do you think my woodchuck is cute? Maybe he needs a name?

Just for the sake of arguement, however, let me give you a couple of statistics:

Number of spicebush leaves eaten by spicebush caterpillars: About 10 to 12.

Number of milkweed leaves eaten by an entire flock of tussock caterpillars: Just a few large older yellowing leaves.

Number of garden plants eaten by woodchuck: Entire population of squash, parsley, cucumbers, pumpkin, nasturtium, and some tomatoes.

Now that everything is gone – the garden is mowed over and just a few scraggly weeds remain – I am giving in and becoming friends with my woodchuck. I will embrace him as my friend on these last few days before school starts. I need all the moral support I can get.

5 Responses to “Do You Think He is Cute?”
  1. Aw, yeah, he’s cute. I didn’t mind the caterpillars *too* much, but was starting to think your goal in life was to see how many blog readers’ stomachs you could turn… ;-)

  2. It is cute – have you named it already? Looks much bigger than a Chihuahua!

  3. Oh yes, he is probably bigger than 10 Chihuahuas. The question is would he be bigger than a Berhuahua (K’s cross of St. Bernard and Chihuahua)? Also, this just begs the question of why he isn’t out there being useful and chucking my wood. If he could only split and stack wood he would be a joy! We better get on with the naming – I’ll send an e-mail out to all the Agents right away and see if they have any ideas…

  4. He’s a cutie and a huge one!

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