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Have you seen this new website yet? I just came across the advertisement in my new issue of Memory Makers (Nov/Dec 2008). it is called Shophandmade beta and according to the website it has just recently had its soft opening. I’ve clicked around a bit and the one feature that really impresses is what they call ReSupplies – or as they say – “ReSupplies:…heavenly for the earth.” If you buy or sell using this feature it is a One Thing! We are always looking for One Things in my house and I’m even thinking of have a One Thing family contest (anything to get more lights turned off!). If we have a contest, I could shophandmade and get points! Also when you buy at Shophandmade you reduce your carbon footprint through rainforest protection – another One Thing.

I’ve been clicking around on this Hallmarkeque site for a bit and while at first it seems a bit clunky to navigate, eventually you can find things. It was very quick to register for an account, and though I did not set up a shop, it looks like if you are have graphics and already have a paypal account, it shouldn’t take very long at all to get started. (If you are in need of graphics, there are already shores listed that will provide you with inexpensive graphics too.) The policies are very simple and quick to read. (That is one of my main complaints about Etsy – trying to figure out the rules!)  ShopHandmade just doesn’t seem to have as many rules. Basically, if it is handmade and not mass produced you can sell it. If it is anything that can be used to make crafts, you can sell it. There doesn’t seem to be a rule against cross promotion either.  So are any of you out there itching to start ReSuppling your stamp collections? I know what you are thinking!

The the listing fees are very low on this site as you can choose to have sponsor advertising appear with your listing instead of paying the fees. You can also choose your own commission. You can either pay none or you can choose to support the webiste by paying up to 12%. Sellers also have the option to increase the donation made to rainforest protection through the sales of their items.

While this site appears to be geared more toward scrapbooking and papercrafting (Currently, their 3 sponsors are all in the that field), there doesn’t appear to be a reason not to sell fibery goods there. I didn’t see a big wooly presence, but there is a needlework category and it clearly states that you can ReSupply even partial balls of yarn.

Let us know what you think in my comments if you give Shophandmade a visit.  Is the potential there?  If you end up setting up a store – please share with us here too.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

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  1. I set up a shop and added to it this weekend.It is a little frustrating to add things but I owe that to them trying to get the kinks out . I think it will get better. I am doing this in addition to two shops on Etsy.

    I do get decent views. Nothing has sold yet but I am hopeful that good things will come.


  2. Yes, I set up a shop a few weeks ago. I really like it at ShopHandmade. I haven’t had any sales yet, but the amount of views listed is comparable to my shop at Etsy, sometimes even better. What I like about having a shop there is that there are not thousands upon thousands of sellers, at least not yet. It’s big enough to offer a lot of variety, but as a seller is a nice size so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle. I’m looking forward to selling things at ShopHandmade. I’m glad to read about the advertisement you saw in Memory Makers. Actually one of the sponsors at ShopHandmade is Addicted to Crafts, as well as Addicted to Scrapbooking and Addicted to Rubber Stamps. And I really applaud the environmental stand this website takes also. I’m looking for great things here!

  3. Thank you! We’re grateful for your support. A lot of exiciting new things are coming up on ShopHandmade.com very soon. If you haven’t got a store already, get one now! You won’t regret it!

    Thanks again for your support. We’re a really small team here trying to achieve big dreams!

    Everybody at ShopHandmade.com

  4. I opened a shop there and have had almost 200 sales!!!!

    I wish the listing process was a little quicker (are you listening SHM???;>)) but all in all it’s not bad. I LOVE the microscope feature. I’ve never seen that on any other site.

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