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With a mix of excitement and terror we will be bringing Snickerdoodle home to live with us next Friday, November 21.  He is adorable, but we have a tremendous amount of work to do to kitten proof our house!  Gates: we are going to need gates!

Just as a quick update — my dad is home and starting to feel better.  Can you believe a tiny little tick bite can mean 7 days in the hospital.  Sigh.

Most of us here also have colds and the weather is so dreary.  Rainy and cloudy — very think clouds and lots of fog hence the lack of blogging lately.  I also spent 2 days last week doing leaves and now it is hard to tell because a whole new batch just fell off the trees.  OK, to prevent any further complaining, I will move onto the knitting portion of this post…

Finished Project!


PatternPorphyria by Cissy Black

Model: Agent J

Yarn:  Koigu in an unknown colorway – less than 1 skein

Thoughts: These were fun to make. They are relatively quick to knit and the pattern is easy to memorize. They are especially good for gifts as they are very stretchy due to the ribbing and fit all sizes. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a Christmas knitting project.

These were actually a gift for someone I work with whose father recently passed away and who always has cold hands.

What else is going on here? Well, we are trying to eat better.  More back to the basics — we have been making some of our own bread, our own mozzarella cheese, our own granola bars, and our own yogurt.  As you can imagine, all this health is very time consuming!  Even the shopping is harder.  The girls aren’t really all that happy (though they do love the cheese).  I made chicken soup with a happy chicken and all organic vegetables and they said, oh not more organic! We don’t like organic!  Sigh again… as that is the best that I have, you know?  So we had take out Chinese for dinner tonight. They seemed happy, but I thought it was gross.

I also have not dyed at all since the Fiber Event.  I haven’t even added anything new to my Etsy shop.  I’m blaming it on the lighting and stuff, but I really think I just need to catch up on the house and clothes and things.  I also just went through a round of conferences for the girls and lots of appointments.  Well, also and until recently, we had a crazy ride with field hockey.  Agent K’s team won their league championship and made it all the way to the state semifinals!

And for a little bit of additional good news, K and I have some friends have tickets to see Twilight at 4:00 next Friday!!!  A kitten and a vampire movie all in the same day, who can ask for more!  Oh yeah, and IHA is taking the day off to go get Snickerdoodle with me. Isn’t he sweet?

6 Responses to “Snickerdoodle!”
  1. I think Snickers is going to be the most spoiled cat alive. But at least there will be someone on my side for a change!


  2. OH MY GOSH!!! Snickerdoodle is adorable. Want. Want want. Just don’t tell my Suzy, I think she would get jealous.

  3. Snickerdoodle is soooooo cute. Please keep me posted on daily life/activity/behavior with him as it may be a kitty instead of a kiddy for me in my future. Will he have claws? That was always such a controversial topic for me when it came to cats…

  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad, glad he is doing good. Snickerdoodle is very cute. I love the fingerless gloves, I might have to try that pattern

  5. Awww, Snickerdoodle is so cute!! I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to your family. Those mitts are great too.

  6. Cheryz…of course he’ll have claws. How else will he be able to catch all those mice! :)


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