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Snickerdoodle moved in with us last Friday and we are all in love. He is a cutie, and so far he is fitting in quite well. He is a purrer and a cuddler which is good because when the girls are home he is constantly held (They have a rotating timetable). He loves to play and loves yarn! One of Snickerdoodle’s favorite “toys” (also, one of my favorite toys, as a matter of fact) is my spinning wheel. He is in love with the leather straps on the footmen. I had to move the wheel to my office and I have to keep the door closed when I’m not in it. He has started to sit outside the door and meow when the door is closed rather indignant that he can’t get to his leather straps! He does meow quite a bit too — he is a very vocal kitten. He is not shy about letting us know he needs attention. It is fun having him here, so far so good!

9 Responses to “Iz in Love”
  1. KITTEN! I can’t wait to come meet him!

    My cats like the leather straps, too. :-)

  2. Ooooooohhhh, he’s adorable!!! Didn’t you know leather straps are for kitties, not for spinners?? LOL

  3. He is sooo cute.

  4. Hi Snickerdoodle! He’s sooo cute!

  5. *steals kitty* Cat? What cat? :D

    He’s very cute. Have fun playing!

  6. I can haz spinning wheel. Uz wait & see.

  7. He is so cute! Love his name too! AWWWWW

  8. Oops…forgot to ask…did you see Twiligt yet?
    I tried to read ‘Host’ but couldn’t get into it right now, so will have to pick it back up again later (I noticed you said it picks up about 1/2 way through or so). Hmmm…trying to remember what else I have read recently that was good. I am going to have to check out that ‘Twisted’ book you mentioned…ok…back over to your reading link to write down some books!

  9. Iz in love with Snickerdoodle toooooooooo!

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