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I’m just wondering if anyone can tell the difference between these two photos.

The are the same photo, but I processed them differently to get them down to an appropriate size for posting to the web. The top photo, I compressed and the bottom I resized.  I think the bottom one looks better, but I just can’t tell anymore…

Thanks so much!  The next post will have the details on these babies…

4 Responses to “Photo Opinion Needed…”
  1. This post has a bit of a” Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” feel to it, doesn’t it?

  2. I do see a difference — the lower one is ever so slightly lighter (which you can mostly see in the topmost leg part of the socks). I think the lower one also looks like it’s in slightly better focus….the top one looks fuzzy, somehow.

  3. I agree, the bottom photo looks a tad sharper, although I would think that all monitors are not created equal.

  4. The bottom one… ;o)

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