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Snickerdoodle always comes running into my office whenever he hears my printer start up.  Obsessed would be a bit of an understatement, lol!  Anyway–I think this photo would make a cute LOLCAT if I could just think of something funny to write… Currently, I’m thinking something like “CQ Kitten – Iz let no miztakes get byz me.”

6 Responses to “QC Kitten?”
  1. He is looking very intently at it. I’m surprised that you were able to get him away from the shopping bags.


  2. Awwww, he’s just too cute. He looks completely enraptured by the paper shooting out of the printer!!

    K.C. is oddly fascinated by me blow drying my hair. She always comes running to sit right near the door and watch me intently. Sometimes I wish they could just tell us what they are thinking. :)

  3. My cat used to love the printer too…I don’t know what it is, but as soon as it started moving he would run it to inspect

  4. My cat was the same way when he was little and actually used to reach inside the printer to get to the noise. He did end up pulling a piece out, a little brush of some sort, but everything still works.

    For a while I had to hold him back while I was waiting for a print job to finish!

    As for the caption, I have a lot of great cat photos but I can never come up with a good LOL line.

  5. He’s waiting anxiously for the mouse to shoot out next.

  6. Where is it COMING FROM?!?! ;o) too funny

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