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Last Thursday was cold and windy and there were still very, very few signs of spring in my yard. Since then we had a mini heat wave and spring is everywhere!  It is truly a beautiful day!  Not too windy, not too hot, very few clouds, the leaves are starting to come out so everything is covered in a blanket of green haze.  Gorgeous!

We are also on a home maintenance marathon this spring. We are trying to get things done that we should have done 9 years ago like finally getting our water fixed.  Our well water is way too acidic and needs to be neutralized.  Thusly by altering the pH, we must also condition it so it is soft enough for soap to lather.  While acidic water may not be good for copper pipes, it is really good for dyeing wool.  Of couse pH is easily altered with citric acid, so I wasn’t too worried, but I was happy to learn that the netralizer has a bipass valve.  Happy day!

I have some great new yarn and fiber photos to post soon, so stay tuned!  I hope to get back to at least posting once a week as soon as we catch up a bit.  Thanks so much for visiting and have a great day!

3 Responses to “The Spring I Know and Love”
  1. My peonies grew a foot in two days, it’s been amazing to witness.

    Yay for water fixing! ;o) I might get a new laundry room this year if I play my cards right…and possibly lose the bay window in the kitchen for a sliding glass door…OH and possibly be able to actually open the window in my sewing room…a girl can only hope. ;o)

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Many wonderful dreams of home repair by you and JessaLu


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