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I really do love candy, I just finished up a bag of M&M as a matter of fact! (Not a good thing to do, but chocolate was needed.) The very first time my sister ever showed me wool roving I just could not get over how much it looked like cotton candy. I wanted to eat it SO much. I still believe that fiber looks like cotton candy, and last year I even made some Ravelry ads that featured my roving dressed up to look like cotton candy.

The Phat Fiber theme for this month is “Meet me at the Fair” so, of course, I had to do cotton candy:

So what do you think? Real or not?  Okay – that’s the real thing–we went to Dave’s company picnic last night and the girls favorite “activity” there is eating the free cotton candy

My cotton candy is not quite that authentic, but I think it is pretty darn close!

Perhaps it is a little pinker than the real life cotton candy and it doesn’t “melt” nearly as quickly but I think it is cool.  I think the darker pink will make it a bit more fun to spin than the paler real life company picnic cotton candy was much closer to white which is good for food, bad if you are trying to advertise your dyeing.  (I wish I could get a matching photo with the girls pretending to eat the fiber candy, but the weather and our schedules are not cooperating.)  So I’m sending off 30 of these cotton candy samples and then a bunch of “Tilt-a-Whirl” samples.  Before I send them though I need to hunt down a bigger box, as you can see they overflowith from this one:

Here are what the labels look like on the backsides:

Did you notice how I had previously alluded to the weather not cooperating?  Well, it is totally crazy! On this, the last day of July, we have already (before noon) had 2 inches of rain!  This is the month where we have already had over 10 inches of rain!  If June was the cloudiest month ever, this July is certainly the rainiest month ever.  This is just not the best of situations for a solar dyer!  And as I’ve said every month so far this year, next month has GOT to be better!  We are counting on you August!  You are going to have shine!

3 Responses to “I Love Candy: A Phat Fiber Story”
  1. Oh, I love your little cotton candies. They are adorable and look very close to the real thing!! I agree, they needed to be a little brighter in color to make them fun to spin into yarn and to show off your dying prowess. :)

  2. Those are great! And I LOVE the whole cotton candy presentation. You are a marketing genius!

  3. She is a marketing genius isn’t she! Very pretty :)

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