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dec 5 2009 snow1739

dec 5 2009 snow1742

dec 5 2009 snow1740

dec 5 2009 snow1741

9 Responses to “Gentle Snow, Sunny Skies”
  1. Oh, so pretty! Pictures like that make me want to live in an area where it snows.

    But then I remember how cold it has to get for snow to stick. Or that I have no idea how to drive in snow conditions. And then I’m happy where I am. :)

  2. Very pretty sisy

  3. Hi Tamara,
    So pretty! The lighting is spectacular! It does look cold!

  4. You take such amazing nature pictures my friend. These are fair worthy!!!

  5. PS – I think you should scrapbook them too!

  6. PPS – perhaps a “december daily” weather album for you….. (or january daily… or february daily with weather and present updates…)

  7. ppss – have you scrapped much? i haven’t touched a thing, not even to really put away much, since i last saw you!

  8. pppss – apparently the more comments i write the less able i am to either spell or capitalize!!! but multipunctuationitis always applies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My goodness. I honestly had no idea about the Sentinel beginning to charge for its blogs, but hey it evidently hasn’t hurt traffic here. Carpe Diem, Ethan. I sincerely think there is an untapped resource for engaging the community and fans via the blog. I don’t know if charging for participation is the answer. The move sounds like a major gaff, and I think the leadership at the Post would be remiss not to see it as an opportunity to revisit and reevaluate the direction of its voice. I personally think the Sentinel blogs sort of took on a cult on their own. The discussion on IRA’s blog has absolutely nothing to do with his commentary, but the regulars have fostered their own relationships and the dialogue has a life of its own. Omar’s blog is the same for the most part. They may see the sheer numbers of participation as a revenue opportunity, but if the traffic here today is any evidence, I don’t think that approach will work.

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