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Things are waking up pretty quickly this year.  I can’t even believe the racket going on out my window so very early in the morning lately.  How many different kinds of birds?  There are three that I can identify – the omnipresent crows, the dueling woodpeckers, and the wacky Canada geese, and then all that uninterpretable songbird twittering.   I am sure they are up to something.  World domination possibly?  Everything is progressing so fast this year, I feel like the grass is greener and the trees are fuller with each trip I take back and forth to The School (which can often times be several trips in one afternoon).

This is all is such striking contrast to last year, the year of rain and gloom with rare occasions of sun.

And I love it!

April 2010 flowers2308

You always hear this talk of the possibility of “an early spring.”  I thought it was a myth.  It hasn’t happened in so long.  Spring used to be my favorite season, a long time ago and lately, I could not remember why, but so far, I like this spring.  It is making me happy.  Busy, but happy.

April 2010 flowers2307

Oh and I have been busy!  This is the year of what I’m calling our “decade quell*” of living in our “new” house.  I’ve been a bit behind in some of the home maintenance so I’m getting everything done, that needs doing. Ever.  The list includes such fun things as getting the septic pumped and the furnace and chimneys cleaned.  It also includes getting the house and windows washed and anything else serviced that could ever possibly need servicing.  Some of this has been easy, but others are taking a while, especially things that need estimates from more than one person.  I can never decide, but I know I have to choose just one.  I’ve also been doing things too. So far I have scrapped, primed, and  painted all the outdoor trim around the outside doors and window mantels.  I have to say, I think it is starting to look pretty nice.  I wish I had a before photo but I see below for the the after. Let’s just say it wasn’t so clean and white.

April 2010 flowers2310

I’ve also done tons of yard work, which, of course, is never ending…  Last year we had a ton of stumps pulled and grass seed planted.  I wasn’t sure it would come back as that was in November directly preceding ice, cold, snow, and more ice but it is growing and it is green!  I added some lime and fertilizer today just in time for tomorrow’s April shower.

April 2010 flowers2311

Next week is finally spring break. I think the girls are ready. They have been so busy lately with homework and sports, but there were a few more smiles tonight; I think in anticipation of at least a few evenings without homework.

We are going to be busy though.  J is off to Bermuda on a school science trip.  K and I are visiting friends in Michigan (travel knitting: Hedera, travel reading: Life of Pi) and Dave and B are going to be home. I hear that he has some fun plans for her (she mustn’t despair!).

I have put my Etsy shop in vacation mode to get ready for these trips and to get this house stuff done as quickly as possible. I have been missing some great dyeing weather, but I just know there will be more to come. My plan is that when I arrive home from Michigan, I will finish up my house stuff as quickly as possible and get back to dyeing. I have some new stuff I want to try and I just can’t wait to submerse myself again.

April 2010 flowers2306

Thanks for reading and hope you are also having a great spring!

* Yes, I’m going to thoroughly overwhelm and reduce [my house] to submission or passivity.”

[Edited to add just for the record:  We had record high temps here in CT yesterday on 4/7/10.  It was 93 in Windsor Locks which was warmer than Florida!  It was in the 80's here and it was nicer than summer!]

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  1. I agree, the weather has been wonderful. All of the early morning bird singing? I could do without that. On the rare occasion I might sleep through it, K.C. wakes us up every 10 minutes from 4 am on trying to walk over our heads and wedge herself behind the window shade. I’m sure she’s convinced that if she just gets to the window sill, a bird might make it’s way through the (closed) window and into her grasp! Silly kitten!!

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