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I don’t really have any irresistible knitting projects going at the moment.  Mostly right now, I’m knitting dish cloths for the summer reading program adult incentive baskets this summer.  They are fun and quick, but I keep forgetting to capture their images before they leave  my house!

I also have a couple of traveling knitting projects which live in my Stitched by JessaLu bags…

in the bag0001

The first one is Hedera by Cookie A.  This was the project I started for my trip to Michigan during April vacation.  I’ve been on the heel flap for a while.  The yarn is Merino/Tencel blend from my shop.  Yup, product research, lol!  I wanted to test this yarn on a sock to see if it would be stretchy enough as the blend is more drape-y than spring-y.  The result is that I think these are going to be lovely socks to wear. The yarn is soft and smooth and there is definitely enough stretch in the fabric so that they will be comfy socks too.

in the bag0002

The second is some kind of Summer Waves pattern that Cheryl was knitting when we went to Spa: Knit and Spin in Maine in February.  The yarn is Oasis by The Woolen Rabbit which is SO soft! It is silk and Camel in the colorway Ribbit (which I do think is a rather unsophisticated name for a yarn with elegant fiber and spectacular depth of color.).   I confess that I haven’t knit on this one too much lately either.  Maybe I need to do some more traveling?

Since it has been awhile since I have last posted, just a couple quick updates…

Reading: I’ve also  been stuck on the same book for awhile too!  I’m trying to read The Lake Shore Limited by Sue Miller. It is good, but, well, it is just not The Hunger Games, you know?

Gardening:  Today, I need to do some soil prep to plant the wildflower seeds that I just bought from New England Wildflower Farm.  I’m going to plant these along the edge of our new field. In the middle, the baby grasses are coming in nicely, but the edges are sparse and we also need to reduce the mowing area.  Everything in my yard so far is growing like a maniac with the early warm weather we have had.  We have had full size leaves on most of our trees since the beginning of May.  This is very unusual for where I live!

yard early may 2010

Spinning:  I’ve been spinning some yarn as R&D for my Etsy shop.  I’ve started to use Greener Shades dyes on some of my rovings and I’m going to be launching a new fiber by the end of May!  Stay-tuned for more info…

My Etsy Shop:  I had closed my shop during the month of April for travel and to catch up on home maintenance (which never, ever ends, btw).  I have plenty of great items in there now and have more to list so here is my shameless shop promotion – please go check it out!

Well the sun is out, and the Earth is calling.  I’m off to play in the dirt!  Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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  1. Lovely socks, lovely photos, lovely bags! I have a couple of JessaLu’s bags too, and I love them.

    Have fun playing in the dirt!

  2. Lovely socks! Thanks for the shout-out, I’m so happy that you love your bags! :o )

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