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For the last month or so, I’ve been doing R&D.  (DH loves when I say that, btw.)  I’ve been the proud owner of a set of Greener Shades dyes for about 6 months and finally happened across a really nice supply of organic wool top to try it out on.  I did some testing and voila!  We have a new product line to play with!  This new line is called Spincerely Naturals and thus far is is composed of exactly *one* product.  But, it is an awesome product!

Spincerely June Button copy

What is Spincerely Naturals? It is soft, white (prior to dyeing), wooly and makes fantastic yarn that is squishy and elastic. (And it smells heavenly!) Here is the description from the supplier that just says it all,  ” Fine wool top. Imported for one of the United States’ few certified organic spinning operations, and sourced from a leading European certified organic wool topmaker who worked with a South American organic wool grower, we’ve been able to secure a supply for handcraft use. Specifications: organically grown and sustainably processed top, white. Staple length 2.2-3.5 inches (55-89 mm). Fiber count 74s (19.5 micron).” Did you notice?  19.5 microns??? 74’s????  Yes, this stuff is as soft as merino!

After previously dyeing with the wide array of acid dye color choices, it is a bit different to work with the limited colors available from Greener Shades.  But I think I’m getting there with my mixing.  The photos in this post show mostly the pure dye colors as I wanted to see what they were all about before starting to mix.  Greener Shades also doesn’t come with much instruction on hand painting, but fortunately most of the acid dye techniques I’ve used work very well.

Are you ready for photos?


greener shades dyeing0331

Turns into this:

greener shades dyeing0333

and this:

greener shades dyeing0335

turns into this:

greener shades dyeing0336


greener shades dyeing0334

turns into this:

greener shades dyeing0339

and these:

greener shades dyeing0340

Oh wait!  What ARE those?  Phat Fiber samples?

Spincerely June photo 2

Yes! Sixty samples were sent off for the Midsummer Night’s Dream box for June.  The color?  Lysander, picked and named by Agent J who happened to be reading it just when color advice was needed.  She picked the green, black, and purple because she said that “everything happens at night.”

I’m happy to announce the official product launch of Spincerely Naturals 74’s Organic Wool Rovings.  Watch for them to appear in my shop soon!

2 Responses to “The Dye is Always Greener”
  1. How exciting! I love that you showed pictures of before and after spinning, it really shows how lovely the colors are when they all come together. I wish you every success in your new offering.

  2. Yummy – I just got done spinning some. Just when I was about to have a monogamous relationship with cotton! What is a girl to do? Really really nice fiber prep! And organic to boot. Can’t wait to spin some more :) Looks nice in a three ply too.

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