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You know, I think I’m ready for a break from my Tour de Fleece blog format for tonight.  I don’t have spinning photos and I really bet you don’t care what I’m wearing or particularly what I’m thinking tonight.

I did finish spinning the Shaded Sapas Merino and it is plied and drying now. While it was soaking it looked like a  big floating mass of Halloween in its purple, black, and orange-ness.  It would have made a nice background pattern for a Halloween scrapbook page.   Last night and today, I’m spinning a jade/teal green merino/angora blend. It is very soft and I think it is going to come out fingering weight.  I bought this for J to spin as she is very interested in angora, but I needed something to spin so decided that I will make her something with it instead.

Tonight, K had a field hockey tournament in the rain.  Her team tied 1 game, won 2 games, and then won the final for the gold!  I’m including a photo of her team (which I think it okay because it is a bit blurry so you can’t really identify anyone anyway)  I just want to include something field hockey-ish for the flavor of my day.

field hockey

I only watched a bit of the Tour de France today – just some bits in the middle and the very last bit too.  Tomorrow sounds like it will be an exciting day and then just one day after that.  I am enjoying spinning everyday  and I hope to continue to spin more consistently.  Well, I do have WOOL coming up in a couple of week so that should really help!  Have I mentioned that I’m excited about WOOL???

4 Responses to “Stage 18 – Being a Little Soggy”
  1. What!!! How dare you switch formats? I was waiting all day to hear what you were wearing. hee hee. I occassionally deleted that line when I did the simple woman’s daybook. Did the ladies care if I was wearing a ballgown or a pink tutu?

    Have a great day!!! Tam

  2. We’re going to have a blast, and I’m so happy I could find you a ride. :) The added bonus of having you vend for us is truly the icing on the cake.

  3. Well, if you *were* wearing a ballgown or a pin k tutu, I would expect you to tell us. Otherwise… meh.

    I haven’t been spinning daily, but I have been enjoying spinning more than I was (read: at all). So I’m hoping to keep going with it as well. I figure once a week after the Tour is not a bad goal. Have fun at WOOL!

  4. What is this WOOL you speak of??

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