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Knitting is a lifesaver.  Since the end of September, I have made 3 pairs of socks and 5 baby hats.  Just easy,  thoughtless knitting that keeps my hands busy doing projects that I can complete.

fall socks 550

I was just knitting socks of various sizes for really no apparent reason and with no clue what would become of them.  Then one day on Facebook, I saw some local friends posting about the Library Holiday Craft sale.  I donate crafts to it every year. When the girls were little we would make ornaments or I would Mod Podge something.  Last year, I donated hand-dyed yarn and scarves I think.  Perfect, I thought.  I have  socks!!!  So I just need to print up some labels as to sizes and care instructions and off they go.

At the library where I work (which is in the next town over), we are knitting baby hats to donate to a hospital as our Wednesday Night Knitters charity project.  They are not preemie hats or anything, just regular baby-baby hats.  According to Knitting Rules, baby heads have about a circumference of about 13 to 14 inches, but I think they can be as big as 18 inches so this is a pretty easy task. I have knit 5 in a variety of sizes.

socks and hats2003

It is fun and easy – I’m using left over sock yarn and knitting them on 2 circs like I knit socks.  And the same as when I knit socks – as soon as one is done,  I immediately cast on for the next hat.

It has been a rough fall here at my house. Thank goodness I have knitting.

4 Responses to “Socks! Hats!”
  1. these are adorable
    where is the pattern?
    pretty please – for the socks

  2. My fav ever sock pattern is Classic Socks for the Family, Pattern #29 by Yankee Knitter Designs (http://www.yankeeknitterdesigns.com/patterns.html)

  3. love it keep up the goodwork!! :)

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