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Socks, Baby Hats, Thorpes, and now Sock Blankie…

I’m knitting in batches.  A lot of something then moving on.

It started in the fall when I had to keep knitting to keep my sanity — 3 pairs of socks.  Then I moved on to baby hats — made what? Like 6 or 7?  Next up was mostly Thorpes with a Pixie hat thrown in.  I offered to knit them for all K’s friends for gifts to help her out.  Thorpes is the style of hat that is very popular this year, so I hope they are wearing them. But, if not, that is okay too.  Recently I was asked how I feel about giving away my knitting and if I worry about what happens to it when it leaves me.  I’ve been thinking on this quite a bit to figure out my answer.  If course, it is always nice when a hand knit items is appreciated and worn. That being said, I think I’m more of a process knitter than a product knitter so I don’t really obsess over it.  As long as I have the photos and the history, I’m good.  I don’t even wear all the knitting I keep for myself, so I don’t think I can get all that upset over it.

But you are waiting for the photos now, so I’ll be moving along.


J was very happy to model for me.  The only hat for her though is the light green beret that I made last year and finally got around to weaving in the ends.  Altogether I think I have made 8 Thorpes.  One for me, one for K, one for B, and 5 for K’s friends.  I have requests for 2 more that I need to start on soon before I’m completely out of the grove.  I used different yarns for the Thorpes mostly drawing on my stash.  I think they look best in handspun though.  I even used some of my Tour de Fleece yarns.

For example, Shaded Sapas

tour results0778

became this hat for K:


Since the holidays, I have been knitting on Sock Blankie.  He is almost done!  Just about 5 squares left and an edging.  What is up after that?  I have Stripey Cardigan to finish and yarn for Hemlock Ring (woot!).  I think my knitting  group is going to do Hemlock Ring as a KAL.  That will be fun and I’m really looking forward to it!  Oh, and I almost forgot. I have 6 skeins of Mountain Mohair to make into something for my sister.  I think probably a vest as it is not enough for a sweater, but any thoughts,  let me know, okay?

So, this is a pretty good start back into blogging right?  As always I hope not to go too long before the next post in which I hope to talk about Sock Blankie in more detail and my One Little Word for 2011.  Until then, take care and thanks for reading!

4 Responses to “Binge Knitting”
  1. Wow, that’s a lot of hats! They look great, though, and I’m glad you made some with your handspun. I always enjoy working with yarn I spun myself. :)

    Welcome back to blogging! Hope to see more of you soon!

  2. that’s tons of hats! gorgeous handspun… it should inspire me right? I agree, thorpes look great in handspun! the shaping on the hat is somewhat weird though, did you do anything to change that? they pop off me and my sibling’s heads.

  3. Those hats are all fantastic! Thorpe does look really beautiful in your handspun, but of course your handspun is always really beautiful no matter what you work it into.

    For the first time, I really had a push to finish thing in time for the holidays, and it seems to be a habit that’s sticking (maturity, perhaps?) and I know I was terrified about feeling sad when my things left me, but that was quickly quashed after all the recipients told me how talented I was. haha. (Shallow, much?) But they’ll either look after them or they won’t, but I’ve done my job!

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