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The Pattern: Simple Knitted Bodice by Stitch Diva Studios

The Sponsor: Sexy Knitters Club

Contemplating and Swatching Start Date: September 17, 2006

Knitting Start Date: October 5, 2006

Finish Date: November 5, 2006

The Yarn: Cathay by Debbie Bliss held with a strand of Mermaid Multi Karaoke Roving by SWTC spun into a single of approx. 25 wpi.

The Needles: 16 and 24 inch Addi Turbos sizes 4 and 7

The Knitter: Insane!

The Size: A combo of the extra small and the small

Knitting Technique: Combined knitting from my Annie Modesitt class at the Fall Fibre Fallout.

Pattern Mods:

1.) Because I started with the extra small size, I had to knit extra increase rows before I was low enough to divide for the arms. I think that is a fairly common modification though.

2.) Because I had to do the extra increase rows for the arm area, I had too many stitches for the area where the lace begins so I decreased a whole extra mulitple of 7 stitches before beginning the purl bumps.

3.) For the hip shaping, the pattern only tells us how to M1 (make 1) right, but I think to have all the increases be symmetrical, you also need to do M1 left. So I did a M1 right on the first and third increase and a M1 left on the second and fourth increase. (For new knitters, to M1 right you insert the left needle from the back to the front of the running thread and knitting through the front. To M1 left, you insert the left needle from the front to the back of the running thread and knit through the back. A good thing to remember is that whichever way is most difficult to knit through the new stitch is the correct way as you want to twist it so there isn’t a hole.)

4.) For some reason I decided to used the knit 2 together bind off at the bottom of the sweater. I did a few normal bind off stitches and didn’t like the way they looked. I do like how the knit 2 together looks on the bottom bind off, but I didn’t like it at the neckline or on the sleeves so I didn’t use it again.

5.) I knit the neckline before the sleeves and the only thing I changed was that I bound off in purl.

6.) For the sleeves I picked up some extra stitches in the arm pits on the first round and did some K2togs on the next round to tighten it up under there.

7.) A lot of SKB knitters matched the lace pattern on the arm to the lace pattern on the body so when you have your arms at your sides, the lace is in a straight line. I purposely did not do that (even though it looks good) because I did not want the lace to fall at my elbows as I think that would drive me nuts. I’m very picky with how my clothes feel. (And I wonder where my girls get that trait?)

8.) I didn’t do as many sleeve increases. I spaced them further apart (every 7 rows instead of 5) and stopped when the sleeves looked wide enough. My final stitch count was 74. I really liked how you can keep trying it on to see if they are long enough. In my hurry though, I may have jipped myself out of a few extra rows I probably need.

9.) For the sleaves increase I also did a M1 right for the first increase and a M1 left for the second increase.

Here’s a close up of the lace:


Some Random Thoughts:

1.) I really liked the construction of this sweater. It was super cool that you could finish just an hour before you desperately need to wear it and all you have to do is weave in some ends, steam, and go! No seaming at all. Not that I have a problem with the mattress stitch – I actually love the mattress stitch – just in this case it was really convenient!

2.) I don’t think I will ever make it again. Truly – the sleeves are killers. I’m also not so sure I like the short sleeve version.

3.) Finding the right yarn for this sweater is key. If you are just starting, make sure you swatch your heart out!

4.) I did most of my SKB knitting at home due to the nature of knitting with a single and its tendency to tangle. This means that this sweater doesn’t have much of a “story” except for watching TV. The one major trip SKB took out of my home besides to visit at work was to the hospital last week to visit my dad. One night I sat by him and we watched Jepordy and The Wheel of Fortune together. (He had a fever of unknown origin, but he is home now and seems to be ok.) It is really these kinds of things that make a sweater so special – knitting with someone you love. That love gets knit right in there tight and close with the all fibers.

5.) If you want to read more about how my SKB came to be – click on Simple Knitted Bodice in the category section of my sidebar. There you will find more than you ever wanted to know!

Here’s a close up of a happy knitter:

14 Responses to “Simple Knitted Bodice, the Details”
  1. Great sweater!

  2. wow! 200 posts and so few comments????

    I think that your sweater turned out quite beautifully. I didn’t read all the stuff that you wrote about it though, as I was hearing about it a lot all throughout the knitting process. I did, however, read the random thoughts section, as that was the part that seemed more bloggy, and I thought that you were smashingly blog-like and fun! :-)

    I tried to punctuate this comment well, as I realize what a state the English language is going to be in by the time I have children. ‘Tis a scary thought, to be sure.

    At any rate, I am now going to leave to comment in your other entries that I seemed to have missed!



  3. Eek! I meant 200 visits, rather than the 200 posts that I mentioned. As clearly, there were not 200 posts. Oi vey, perhaps someday I shall become less of a loser.

  4. Lovely SKB- the yarn is great. I found the sleeves to be endless as well, but I think the results are great. Very very nice!

  5. Your SKB looks fantastic, and I love the post with all the details about it! I am learning lots from other knitter’s experiences with this pattern and hopefully I will end up with a finished sweater I love – Of course I have to start it first, but that’s besides the point!

  6. It looks wonderful Tamara. I’m so happy you finished it in time too. :)

  7. Your SKB is absolutely beautiful. I love the variegated yarn. IF I was to make one again I would choose a more colorful yarn and NOT add the beads.

  8. You look GREAT in your beautiful new sweater, Ms. Spincerely.
    The sleeves may have been a pain to knit, but the results are worth it!

  9. Oh! It’s lovely! Now I want to make my own even more… But after the trials with the yarn substitutions, I’m a little leary of starting it. I have about a 50/50 track record with finished sweater happiness. Hmm. I think I need to knit more sweaters to fix that. ;-)

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  11. The Harlot mentioned you and your SKB ;D How cool! I agree with the M1R – I’m a symmetry fiend and couldn’t stand just M1L’s all the way thru either.

  12. This looks absolutely beautiful–you did a fabulous job!

  13. Very pretty yarn!

  14. It’s always great to see successful combinations of handspun and commercial yarn! The color choices are especially beautiful.

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