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The daylilies are the stars of my garden in July. Since each blossom lasts but just a day, I love a prolific lily. As I was researching for this blog entry, I found that an award winning daylily variety already lives in my garden! It doesn’t really surprise me. I love this flower – not only does it produce beautiful blossoms for over a month, but it multiplies like crazy. So without further ado, I present to you the Red Volunteer, winner of the 2005 All-American Day Lily Exihibition Title:

IMG_7535 blog.JPG

Beside the ubiquitous tiger lily and the All American Red Volunteer, I have 3 other varieties of daylilies. I can’t take any credit in my lily choices, however, as they were all carefully coveted and purchased originally by my mom. She has excellent taste and I truly cherish them all. I do have to add that neither of us has kept good records. The next lily I’m pretty sure is called Designer Jeans. While lovely, I wouldn’t say there is anything truly special about it:

IMG_7755 blog.JPG

This next lily is also gorgegous and flowers prolifically with each bloom being truly magnificant. Some days as I walk the cobbley brick path to my house, I just want to bite off a big chunk. (While I do manage to restrain myself from eating the lilies, I’ll admit to engaging in some pedal fondling from time to time.) I thought it was called Strawberry Fields, but I can not find anything on the web to verify that:

IMG_7742 blog.JPG

The last lily is called Harwinton. I also can not find anything on the web for verification. I will have to check with my mom and I’ll add any info that I find to the comment section tomorrow:

IMG_7745 blog.JPG

I think that I’m ready now to step out on my own and choose some of my own varieties. What about the later blooming Siloam Merle Kent or the amethyst Chigago Jewel? Both of these can be found at one of my favorite places to go when I visit my sister, Olallie Daylily Gardens in Southern VT. You can go to shop or you can just walk through the gardens, soak up the sun, and enjoy the many varieties of daylilies. And who can ever have enough daylilies? For in the summer, a day is an entire lifetime.

5 Responses to “Just a day…”
  1. We have daylillies??? When did they pop up?

    Hum…appearently I pay about as much attention to the garden as you do to my comments:)


  2. Beautiful flowers.

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Hmmmm petal fondling…interesting. Share this proliferation!

  4. I like your new buttons on the side! Another first for Spincerely.

    It was almost worth being woken up at 1AM (two hours after falling asleep) to go turn off your car lights. :)


  5. Update on Harwinton Daylily:

    This daylily was originally purchased from the Hardy Daylily Garden in Falls Village, CT.

    I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like a good place for a field trip!

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