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Project: Altered Photo Boards

Materials: (All purchased from New England Scrapbook Company)(except the Podge)

Junkitz Decor Boardz 8″x8″

Fancy Pants Designs Big Board Chipboard Scrolls

Making Memories Scrapbook Colors Paint, Bordeaux

Chatterbox Scrapbook Walls, Strawberry Stripe and Secret Greenhouse Blossoms

Chatterbox Graffic rub-ons, Woodcuts

Assorted Ribbons

Glue dots

Mod Podge

Project notes: This project was a Christmas present for my friend Liz (Hi Liz!). I hope that she likes it!!! Anyway — it was fun to make! I do have to admit that I should have taken some time to look at how these boards were “organized.” Even though they are square – they are not symmetrical and it caused me to have a few perplexed moments!

The first thing I did was to paint the edges of the boards using a foam brush. Then I adhered the scrapbook paper to the fronts and backs (The back is just one design.) using the podge. After it dried, I remembered that Crops-a-lot taught us in her altered clipboard class to sand the edges so the paper doesn’t stick off over the edge. Sanding off the extra little bits of paper makes a huge difference — it really just gives the edges a more finished look and it also adds some distressng which I love. I went back over the edges with the scrapbook paint and added some more distressing. I also painted the chipboard pieces. I attached the chipboard with glue dots. I added the photos frames where Liz can later attach her own photos to the boards. I applied the rub-ons and then a couple coats of Mod Podge. Later I added the ribbons. And that’s it! Fun fun!

Other scrapbooking related stuff: Yesterday in my comment sections, Jenny from Crops-a-lot, post a link to the blog, Perfect, Just the Way You Create. The blog author, Donna Downey, unbeknown to me until yesterday, is a famous scrapbook personality. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t know these things! Look at this post. She had a day like we had yesterday, Jenny! Anyway her stuff looks fabulous and her classes look fabulous – maybe it is time to stalk some Scrapbook Artists too!

This week I’m also going to start working on a little album (board-book style with the podge) as a gift for a friend who just moved away. I’m just starting to gather all the stuff, but I’m hoping that by writing it here, I may actually get hopping on it!

Oh — once again — running short on time. I must dash off to get ready for work! Have a great day!

6 Responses to “Finished Project!”
  1. Ah hem…

    *first post*

    More in a minute. :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Liz is very lucky (and a sweet lady so she deserves the luck!) because Spincerely that is GORGEOUS! I love the colors you chose, they seem very “Liz”. I love the way you made it dimentional by adding the chipboard shapes to the chipboard. The sanding, oh la la.

    Does everyone now see why I stay on her case to keep her scrapbooking?! Hmmm???

    You, my dear, should be published. Really. You are very talented (in both your hobbies).

    Oh, just loving those colors again… so nice… so happy…so friendly… so Liz.

    Take care my friend – have a great day at work! :)

  3. Love it! T-woolie. The colors are gorgeous. I think I might have to get back into scrapbooking – my kits are waiting for me to break into them.

  4. Awesome Job! The colors are perfect! You are so talented in what ever you do.

  5. that is sooo cool!!!

    what is it? i mean…i know it’s a photo-board (i can read, after all haha) but what’s a photo board???

    it is really purty though. and you’re fantastic :-)

  6. Its gorgeous, I love the colors. You are very talented

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