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Wow, we are back, ready to start a new chapter to our lives. I really have so much to say; it is all clumping together in a bottleneck in my brain and can’t pour out my fingers. I spent the morning learning how to upload photos to Flicker so I can provide you with a photo tour of our trip. I think if you click on the above mosaic it should take you to my flicker photostream (or you can just click here). I hope you have a chance to go visit it and that you have a good time (at my photostream, that is). If you live in a cold weather place you will have to close your eyes and imagine warm breezes with the occasional scent of flowers in the air. If you happen to live in California or another warm place, you will have to imagine yourself bundled up with cold toes, drinking hot tea, and imagining what it would be like to be somewhere with warm breezes.

I will try to get back to my normal haphazard posting routine soon!

7 Responses to “It is Like Starting All Over”
  1. Wow! You took some fantastic photos! I’m so glad you all had such a great time (CA rocks for that). The agents looked like they couldn’t have had more fun ^_^

  2. Welcome back, Ms. Spincerely and family! We missed you, but glad you had a wonderful time!!

  3. So I watched the entire slide show twice! The first time to watch what looks like a beautiful vacation and the second time was to be sure that I didn’t miss some things! No Hoops and Yoyo on vacation! So very sad, indeed. Then I thought hmmm I don’t think she has posted at all in 2007 about Hoops and Yoyo so I scrolled the photos. No Hoops and Yoyo in the 2007 entry photos. Then I went to the categories and checked there and no Hoops and Yoyo this year.

    What was your New Years Resolution to make me terribly sad?

    I want Hoops – I want Yoyo – I miss them – Waaaah

    (ok a bit dramatic – but I really do miss them and their interactions with all the agents!)

  4. Oh my! Yes, I do believe it is time for Hoops and Yoyo to come back to visit the blog! They did not want to come to California. They were too scared to fly on a Jetplane, although when we got home from CA, Agent B gave them some parachuting lessons, so maybe they will be prepared for our next trip. Do you know that of all the search engine hits that land people on my blog, most of them are for some variant of Hoops and Yoyo (some people are even looking for sweater patterns for Hoops and Yoyo so there is a future project for me or someone else who is interested). (Just in case you were wondering the other popular searches are Simple Knitted Bodice and Daily Fiber Intake!)

    I also think you will see more of H and Y in April and May when Project Spectrum brings us the colors pink and green!!!! Whoo hooo! (Ever since we have been to Disney, I have the Tigger, T – I – double ga – er, Whoo-hoo-hoo- hoo! in my head! That and the Charlie the Unicorn video. The girls watched that over and over in the hotel room until we were only able to talk like those two unicorns trying to persuade Charlie to come to Candy Mountain. It was sort of fun being more annoying than Agent K for once!

    Anyway, to sum up this silly out-of-control comment, don’t worry, be happy, Hoops and Yoyo will return! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

  5. haha OMG i LOVE the charlie the unicorn video! I laughed SO HARD the first time i saw it!!! I’m glad you’re home! And your kids have now been to Disney! *so jealous!*

    Congrats to IHA on graduating!!!

  6. Great pictures, looks like you all had a great time

  7. Woo! You’re home! But hey, guess where I’m going next weekend? … Disneyland! (Much shorter trip for me, though.) I can’t wait. It’s such a magical place. You’ll have to share your thoughts on it… I love hearing what non-locals think, since they don’t get to go as often as I do. (I tend to go once a year, or so. Sometimes more.)

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