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Tomatoes and Eggplants are actually in the same Genus (”The genus Solanum also contains the eggplant and the potato, as well as many poisonous species.”), so I’m in luck that my Tomato is really an Eggplant!

I finished my Tomato/Eggplant in time to wear it for Easter!


It was way to cold too wear it without a shirt underneath, but it is certainly not as low cut as the illustration in the book would have you think, so it will be quite appropriate to wear it with or without a tank underneath.

Project Specs:

Pattern: Tomato by Wendy Bernard from the book No Sheep for Ewe You (there is a KAL at this site which I didn’t notice til after I was done) by Amy Singer

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton in colors 614 and 618 (I used just over 3 skeins of the main color and just a bit of the contrast)

Date Started: About March 25, 2007

Date Completed: April 6, 2007

Pattern Mods: I combined 2 sizes. I started with the size 35.5″ and changed at the sleeve division to the 31″. I also altered the sleeves a bit so they would not be tight and cut off my arm circulation.

Overall thoughts: This sweater fits me very nicely, however, there is a bit of an issue with the color stranding part being right at the chest. Since my color stranding knitting tends to be tighter and the pattern has you decrease right before it starts, I found that I was being pushed in in the area I least need to be pushed in. However, by the end of the day, the sweater seemed to stretch out nicely and maybe it is part of the overall design plan of knitting with cotton? It will be interesting to see how the fabric behaves after a few more wearings and washings.

This was a quick knit and relatively inexpensive. It has great shaping and I love the “squareness” of the neckline. Knitting with cotton always hurts my fingers a bit, so I probably should not have rushed it for Easter, but I just could not help myself, it is knitting, you know!

Here is a close of the sleeve:


What is up next? I need to work on an entrelac sock for a shop sample but I’m sure I will not make it through the day without swatching my new Rowan Summer Tweed for Ginger from The Summer Tweed Collection by Kim Hargreaves (her patterns are gorgeous, aren’t they?). Yummy! 70% Silk and tweedy!

Don’t you think I should also do some spinning? I can not wait til our temps rise above freezing because my favorite kind of spinning is when I get to take my wheel out to the deck and bask in the sun!

6 Responses to “Purple Tomato”
  1. It looks great, I can’t believe you finished it that quickly.

  2. Very nice! Looks like a fun project. Are the sleeves comfy? They seem to be the type that either fits really well, or bugs the heck out of you, and you can’t tell which it’s going to be until you try the shirt on…

  3. The sun will be here soon! After we get through another foot of snow anyway -(vt)

    I saw this in person on Easter and it is just lovely. Looks like it was made for you!

    He he he

  4. That turned out amazing! I actually went out and bought the book yesterday and am contemplating making that because your’s is so lovely!! :)

  5. I love it, you did a good job, I love the colour and the style! :)

  6. Very pretty! You color choices are great and it’s a perfect fit. Congrats! :)

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