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I didn’t really intend to go a whole week (plus) without blogging, but lo and behold, here it is Sunday, the 29th. Already. Spring is just crazy that way! Choral concerts, band concerts, planting flowers, packing up the winter clothes… it all just takes lots and lots of time.

There are a couple of interesting things to note, however, and I think I will go “listy” on you to make life easier:

1.) Agent J and I survived the Dude Ranch. She had a great time with her friends and so did I. It was long ,though, and there wasn’t overly so much sleep to be had! Agent J rode a horse twice and she didn’t even fall on her head or anything (she actually did quite well and really seemed to enjoy it)! I was brave and didn’t have a heart attack or anything while she was out on her rides. It was a good thing that I didn’t hear about how steep and twisty and turny the trail was until we were on our way home! Here she is now on her horse:


2.) I’m sure no one has noticed, but there has not been much activity on my reading page lately. When I wrote this post, Jayme commented that I really needed to read Outlander so I decided to borrow it from the library and take it for a spin. Well, I LOVE it! The only problem is that I read about 5.3 pages a night before I fall asleep and at this rate I may not be done until the 2008 Summer Olympics. I am really glad that we can renew library books over the phone because I have to call again tomorrow for my third round with it. Anyway, did I say that I LOVE this book. I think I am in love with Jamie too. It has been a long time since I’ve had a crush on a fictional character (Snape not-withstanding) and it is kinda fun! So far, I would highly recommend this book as a fun read and a great way to end one’s day.

3.) We found out last week that there is a new yarn store opening in Torrington! Can you believe it? Our little city with 2 yarn shops? Anyway, it appears that this one is different as its emphasis is more on weaving and spinning and other fiberly arts and not so much on knitting and crochet as the store where I work. It is hard to know what to think, but my first thought was “more fiber never hurt anyone, right?” Torrington is very well known for its theater and ballet and other arts so maybe it is well suited to become the next Mecca for the fiber arts? The more people who partake, the better for all!

4.) I finally finished the pink and green entrelac sock I was making for a shop sample! I just realized that I don’t have a good completed photo and I left the sock at work. Also (and this is so exciting!!!!) I ran part 1 of the sock class today. I had 2 students and they did so great! They were awesome and they want to do part 2 next week! I hope my boss goes for that! We started by just doing Eunny’s entrelac sample and then we started on the toe. So during the week, their homework is to just complete the toe section and start the row of set up triangles. Next class we will start entrelac-ing in the round. Knitcole is going to knit a long with them too and she is pretty excited so that just makes all the fun even more grand.

5.) Spring has finally arrived here. These are the crocuses that were blooming at the beginning of the week. Now, we finally have our daffodils and forsythia!


6.) I just have to tell you how wonderful my husband is. Right now, as I write this, he is shopping with Agent K. Shopping with Agent K is quite the experience. Last night I took her and a friend to the mall. She found 2 tops that she liked and one pair of sweats. The purpose of the shopping trip was to get her some nice outfits to wear on the days she has track meets as one of the track rules is that the students need to dress up more than usual on meet days (yeah, I don’t really get it either, I think it has something to do with school spirit?). Anyway, when we got home, I found out that she needs black or blue pants for her band concert on Friday and she never mentioned it. At. All. Drats. So IHA has to take her to Old Navy as I just don’t get along with that place. But they do have the adjustable waists which helps increase the chances of something fitting her. I sure do hope they find something! And I hope they don’t find too much either as sometimes she can be darned irresistible:


7.) I also went scrapbooking this weekend and I had a splurge of creativity! It was great. I really hope that I get a chance to scrapbook more often. I want to try more digital scrapbooking too. There was a tutorial in the latest issue of Memory Makers magazine that used PSE3 and we are almost friends again. I need to use layers at least once a month or I totally loose the skills and get frustrated the next time I try it and end up frazzled.

So there you go! I’m back on the blogging saddle again! I hope that it is not another week before I post again! And here is a head’s up… I’m not all that far way from my 1000th comment and I’m pretty sure there will be a prize for that lucky commenter! So stay tuned — it could be later this week or next week at my typically posting/commenting level!

7 Responses to “Horses, Yarn, and Other Things…”
  1. Looks like alot of fun was had with the horses. I understand the “adjustable waist”, they’re are the only ones I can buy for my daughters too. I’ve read the Outlander and the rest of the series. I enjoyed them

  2. I think you’ll probably get to a certain point in the Outlander book, and then your problem won’t be falling asleep, it will be putting it down! I got a serious case of “Just one more page!” when I was getting towards the end!

  3. Holy moly — that’s quite the clump of crocuses! One big problem with my house that I really have to rectify is that I don’t have any spring bulbs at all. Rhododendrons and lilacs and forsythia, yes, but no daffodils or tulips or crocuses or anything like that.

    The dude ranch sounds like it was a lot of fun. Can you believe I have never, ever ridden a horse? (The ponies at the Harwinton Fair when I was little don’t count!)

  4. knitcolie says:

    haha omg, i definitely never saw this post!!! First off, Ms. J looks very comfortable on her horse!!

    second off….you have a crush on snape too?

    third….you linked to the olympics! I

  5. knitcolie says:

    hmm. it seems my last comment the little triangle bracket got a litte confused and forgot to post the rest of my comment. (this isn’t even a ploy to get to comment again ;-) )

    so what i was going to say was:

    “third…you linked to the olympics! I *heart* olympics!!

    fourth…you’re very very awesome!”


  6. The Competetion Heats Up says:

    Are you kidding???

    A new YARN store??!!!

    Gee, I am surprised you hadn’t mentioned that to me before now… ;) ;) ;)

  7. My partber and I stumblrd over here from a different web address and thought I might check thinjgs out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page yet again.

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