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It is finally the end of a very long week. Very. Long. Did I say that it was a long week yet? It just seemed like IHA worked a bajillion and a half hours this week and the agents had a bajillion and a half hours of homework and that they were up late every night and that the week was never going to end. But is is Friday now (Whoo Hooo!) and IHA is reading to the girls to calm them down so perhaps they get to sleep before 9 tonight… The only problem with getting him to read to the girls, is that I then have to get him to STOP reading to them too! Sometimes he just forgets to check the time!

I had a very lovely trip to the quilt store today. It is called Gone Quilting and it is in Canton. It is actually about 3.2 minutes up the street from New England Scrapbook Company; I think we must move to Canton! They have the Amy Butler fabric and patterns that you see everyone using/making all over the internet and they are quite lovely and also from Westminster Fibers (and I thought they only did yarn!) they have Kaffee Fassett fabric and did you know there are also Rowan fabrics (though I can’t find them on their website or perhaps it is the designers like Amy Butler who design for Rowan and are then distributed by Westminster)?

So you can probably see where I am going with this. I bought a bit more than I intended to. Here is a photo of *some* of my treasures:


I bought a kit called Screen Play I and I think I’m going to use the red fabric and the flowered fabric in the upper right corner of the photo for that one. I think it will make a lovely knitting bag! They had a lot of store samples of that bag in different fabrics and I think it is really going to be nice for a take-along knitting bag as the screen really hold its shape. With some of the other fat quarters I’m going to make these project bags from Yarnmonster (thank you to Sarah for knowing what I was talking about!) and there was also a free pattern leaflet at the store for a little bag/tissue paper cover that used just one fat quarter!

I can’t believe that I am saying I’m going to make all these things because all I’ve sewn in the last couple of years are basic curtains… I hope I remember how or I’m going to have to find some remedial sewing classes! I actually did sign up for a class too! The had an absolutely stunning apron on display (I know, can you believe that an apron can be stunning???). Well, I signed up for that class (anyone what to take it with me?)! I wanted to take a class, but I’m not really ready to get back into quilting right now. I can’t wait to go back to choose my fabric. It could take a VERY long time to decide!

Anyway, the lady at the quilt store was so nice and then I went to the scrapbook store to get ribbons to match the fabrics and the lady working there was so nice (and they have so much new stuff in!). After that I went to Shaw’s in Canton for some groceries and the ladies in the deli were super nice as was the lady in the fish department. Everyone was all so easy going and chatty today. It must be spring in the air!

I can’t wait to get started with all this stuff! I’m better get all these fat quarters washed so that they are ready in case a sewing opportunity arises! I don’t think it will be tomorrow though as Agent B wants to try out Junior Audubon which meets at White Memorial in the morning and then we have The Great Park Pursuit in the afternoon. Maybe I’ll have a little spare time on Mother’s day? Hmmm?

7 Responses to “What’s She up to Now????”
  1. That IS a stunning apron! When is the class? Is it beginner-level? Since I want to learn how to sew and all… ;-) (Coincidentally, actually, just today I bought a book on sewing techniques!)

  2. I’d be afraid to wear an apron that pretty! What if I stained it, or something?

    It’s definitely worthy of Martha Stewart, tho…

  3. Your fabrics are definitely yummy :) Mom has some fabrics she was going to give to me and thought you knew about – I asked her to save them for my next visit so you and the agents can pull what you like :)

    I love aprons! Have a great time in your class.

  4. It seems like the kids are busier at the end of the school year, than any other time. It’s the same with mine. I love the material you got. That apron is stunning. Have fun.

  5. Sounds like a full week! I hope it was a good one.

    Also hope you had a great Mother’s Day. With knitting/sewing/scrapbooking time, perhaps?

  6. You have been tagged. Details on my blog :)

  7. I’ve made those bags and they turned out great! I use them all the time, and need to make some more. I’ve also wanted to make the jewlery bags from purl bee. Can’t wait to see you’re sewn items.

    PS – I found you because of the thinking blogger award from Sara. So glad I did.

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