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Good morning! I made a little mosaic at Flickr Toys this morning comprised of photos of some of my current projects. When you use Flickr Toys sometimes you get words of encouragement or praise, or quotes with your creations. This mosaic apparently was not good enough for praise because this was my quote: “Live life like you are gonna die. Because you’re gonna.” – William Shatner. Hummmm…

So, back to the mosaic: starting at 1:00, I have my Montego Bay Scarf. It seems with this scarf for every 3 inches I knit, I have to rip back 1 inch so progress is very very slow! Next is Queen Anne’s Lace brewing in the solar dyeing jar. Then I have a photo of the silk that I am spinning for Dara. This one I hope to finish up soon! Back at the top is the finished neckband of Cece. Oh, I know it is not perfect, but it is better than my previous 5 attempts at closing that thing up! I’m not a fan of this neckband design! I have to eventually post all the project specs for Cece. I have so many photos and so much to say that it is a bit daunting at the moment.

Also in knitting news, there is soon to be a new KAL at the Sexy Knitters Club. The nominations look great and I may join in this round. I also received my invite to Ravelry, but I haven’t had much time to look around there yet.

In home life news, there are only 5 (yes, that is five as in F-I-V-E) days of school left! Yikes! Calgon take me away!!!!

7 Responses to “Have to Remember to Live Life”
  1. Fledgling Knitter says:

    Love the pics, that quote flickr gave you was silly. They need to rework their quote engine if they are resorting to Shatner now (not that I have anything against him).

    I refuse to comment on the school issue since I am living in the big river in Egypt.

    Well, on that note – hope your day is a good one AND

    **first post**
    (hee hee, we’re back to that)

  2. I love playing with Flickr toys, love your pictures. Only a few days for summer vacation.

  3. Ravelry is much fun! I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been poking around and looking at other kniters’ projects.

  4. Ooh, I remember my first Queen Anne’s Lace dye that I brewed in Canada. There was a field near Black Creek Pioneer Village, where I worked and brewed such dyes, that was literally covered in Queen Anne’s Lace…beautiful when all in flower.

    I also remember a pretty turquoise that was achieved with a bottom-dye of QAL and a 1-dip top-dye of indigo.

    Ms. Spincerely, I’m sure you’re gonna love the pretty yellow from QAL!

  5. Your Montego Bay scarf, while frustrating, is certainly beautiful!

  6. So how is that Living Life thing going for you?

  7. I think I may be deciding to live it any day now!

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