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So, I bet you can tell since I’m sitting here blogging that I made it through the first 4 days of summer vacation alive!  Tired and completely worn-out, but alive! And all my children are alive!  Also a good sign.  Next week should be a little easier — not as many big events, but we do have to pack 3 trunks for camp.

I just went out and took some photos so you can see what is going on in my yard today.  (I saw the coolest moth (I think), but I could not get a photo. It was black and white spotted with some yellow.  I hope I can see it again so I can ID it. )


Starting from the top right photo we have: a.) deer munched tomato plants,  b.) Catmint and Johnny Jump-ups, c.) lettuce (the best I have ever grown!), and d.) front yard flowers (the most colorful I have ever planted!).  The weather here has been very odd.  It is cool and windy in the days and in the evening and nights it is showery.  It is hard to know how to dress although I found that today is a great day for Cece!

In fiber news this week, I made 2 baby hats out of Blue Sky Alpaca cotton:


I’m getting ready to ply Dara’s silk yarn.  I’ve prepared by reading Spinning Spider’s newest blog entry on plying plain vanilla yarn.   I did the part where she says to place your *flaccid* knotted-together-singles in a cup of hot water and watch them come back to life and it really was entertaining (so much so, that I did it twice!).  Now I have a sample of what my plied yarn should look like and I just have to sit down to ply.  Jenny recommends using a tensioned lazy kate which  purchase I have yet to make.  I guess I will have to start the research to see which one I want.

I also tried out the Ashford Knitters’ Loom today.  It is pretty cool.  I can see it being a fine way to use up all the random balls from my stash.  It isn’t inexpensive though, so I will have to go on my wishlist.

Yesterday, I spent much of the day working on a slide show for Crops-a-lot Jenny.   She left last night for Michigan and not just for a vacation but for a permanent move.  No longer will she be a mere 5 minutes away, but 16 hours!  That is going to make it really hard to have playdates or just bump into each other when we are out running errands.  The most difficult part of the slideshow was not finding photos because those I have galore, but choosing the music.  Agent K and I were sitting here rejecting song after song for just being too freaking sad!

One of the most difficult things about being a SAHM is that you don’t always get out to see people and then I think sometimes when I am unleashed in public, I should really just be locked up.  Really.  Lately I feel like I am having to continuously apologize to everyone for the odd things that I say! So, if you have seen me lately and you have heard me speak, I am truly sorry!  Really!   Maybe a vow of silence would be in order!

On that note, I am off to my spinning wheel.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

4 Responses to “Somebody Please Save Me From Myself!”
  1. Thank you, Ms. Spincerely. The only thing bad about a favorite word is when it’s misspelled! Flaccid, indeed! Changed it on my blog after I read your’s. Much appreciated.

  2. Perhaps in order to ward off saying the wrong thing you need to say more! More interaction with people outside of your immediate family – or pretend when you talk with them that they are not part of your family and then you will have your practice. I don’t want you to be locked up, even if you do it to yourself.

    So I just read the last post where the silk yarn is that you used Spider’s Plying technique – I commented there but I’ll say it again – Just gorgeous.

    Perhaps your tomatoes will come back even stronger after the deer pruning?

  3. Almost forgot – I got all excited when you said you like the loom! Perhaps there is a weaver in you yet! I think the Family would like it too!

    Agent E

  4. Ack! I’m trying to avoid looms. I want to weave. Really badly. But I have way too much to occupy myself with at the moment to start a new (and not inexpensive) hobby. (Same reason I don’t dye.)

    Love the pictures, even if the deer did munch your tomatoes.

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