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I can’t believe this is Connecticut. Even though every day has not been perfect, I think we might be having a record number of beautiful days this summer!

I have some dyeing and spinning stuff to write about, but that is going to have to wait for a less sunny day as we have to get outside and enjoy this weather. I do have some photos that I want to share though.

Last year I wrote this post about Daylilies. Since then, I did indeed acquire Siloam Merle Kent from Olallie and here she is. So cute!


And just to show she is really growing in my yard…


Here are a few other photos that I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!






4 Responses to “Another Beautiful Day!”
  1. oooh pretty flowers and fiber!!!

    I really like that one that looks golden and blue!!

  2. Thanks Knitty! I really like that one too. That one is merino and it is really soft!

  3. What gorgeous pictures!
    Makes me want to hop on a plane and come and see your yard in person!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sniff, sniff, – miss you!)

  4. Oh Thank you! I wish you were here to see them in person too!!!! I miss you and all the little Croppies too!

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