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Do you remember when there really weren’t so many queues and really the only queue around was the print queue and the only time you ever thought about the print queue was when there was a problem with the print queue? Everyone at work would get upset because their stuff wasn’t printing and they didn’t know why and you would say “Well, did you check the print queue?” (because for some reason the print queue had a mind of its own and would just randomly decide to not preform the printing task you had requested?) and then they would look at you like you had 2 heads because they didn’t know what the heck the freaking print queue was? (OK, and well, there was also Q from Star Trek, but he is just Q and that is all.)

Now there are so many queues. My favorites are my movie queue at Netflix and my project queue at Ravelry. Ok, really I like my Rav Queue way more lately as my Netflix queue of which I have been quite neglectful lately. And I really don’t just like my Rav Queue, I LOVE my Rav Queue! It is the best thing since personal photo printers!

I spend quite a bit of time rearranging my queue. Today, I think I have it perfect (though who knows what pattern Cherylz a Knitting Enabler will e-mail the link for next and I will have to throughly reorganize again). I wonder if I can link to my queue. If you’d like to see it, you can try clicking here. I think you probably need a Ravelry account to see it, but if you don’t have one, I highly recommend signing up to wait in their queue so you can get your own project queue!

The first 4 patterns on my project queue arrived there due to my enabling knitting friends. I am going to make socks out of my Fiesta Boomerang because Sarah is a Boomerang pusher. I know she looks like a quiet and friendly librarian, but don’t let her fool you. Two words: YARN. PUSHER. Because, also, number 2 on my queue is due to her. I just clicked the Etsy Purchase button this morning to get some Rainbow Black Merino Sock Yarn from Perchance to Knit. And why? Because she carries these skeins of yarn around with her like they are candy and makes us touch them and squeeze them and covet them so much that we spend hours waiting for them to show up with a “purchase now” button on the internet! Number 3 on my queue is a hat that Cherylz a Knitting Enabler e-mailed about this morning. She linked to this blog post at Brooklyn Tweed. Gorgeous. I. Must. Make. This. Hat. And. Now. I have singles. I must ply! Oh wait, I just saw Koolhaas. Back to the Queue! OK, Koolhass is now number 4, which means that Tangled Yoke is pushed to number 5… and why is Tangled Yoke in my queue? You guessed it! Sarah and Cheryl are making it too!

6 Responses to “You Have to Love a Good Queue”
  1. I love my Ravelry queue, too. It’s just too much fun to pass up. Though my queue is only ever accurate to the first few patterns. Beyond that, they’re in whatever order they happen to be in. And things jump line so often, that there might as well not be numbers next to them.

    (By the way, the link to your queue does work, but I have a Ravelry account, so I can’t say what happens for the poor people who aren’t in yet.)

  2. Also: my ravlery queue is a LOT longer than yours. I am not sure if this is something I should gloat about, or a reason for me to hang my head in shame.

  3. Nicole,
    I just cut a bunch of stuff from my queue today. What I’m trying to do is use my favorites as a sort of “holding” area. I put things there that I just like, but I also put in things that I might like to someday make, but not really soon… I do want to be honest with my queue — if something is there for a while and I really don’t think I’m going to make it, out it goes! I can always put it back, right? I was thinking that a queue for Library Thing would be very useful too. A place to store info on what books you haven’t read, but would like to read. I feel like I might have read about that somewhere… are they getting a wish list perhaps?

  4. I am proud to be one of your Enablers!! You are right about that Sarah Enabler and her Boomerang! I just gave my husband his Thuja socks (knitty.com pattern) in Wild Oak for his birthday. He LOVES them. I am quite inspired to post them in FO on Ravelry right now!! Hmm, maybe I will wait so I can get some zzz’s tonight. You know how that Ravelry can keep you up way past your bedtime.

  5. Me? A yarn pusher? *blinks innocently*

  6. Pictures are surrounded fact nice source of education instead of wording, its my familiarity, what would you say?

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