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  1. To have the highest regard for: prize, treasure. Idioms: hold dear.
  2. To recognize the worth, quality, importance, or magnitude of: appreciate, esteem, prize, respect, treasure, value. Idioms: set store by.

Last night, Agent K and I attended her high school orientation. Yesterday, if I had written to this blog, it would have been a vent post about scheduling and conflicts and such. Today, I’m not going to let that bother me and I’m going to write about my word. There was a group of current high school students who got up on stage to talk to the 8th graders last night. They emphasized 2 things. First, that doing homework and being organized are supremely important for high school success. Second, that TIME FLIES. That one was for the parents, I think. Only 4 more years until K sprouts wings and flies away from home. Only 4 years. How can that be? Just yesterday she was that baby that we brought home. We placed her in the middle of our bed and just looked at her; amazed that she was ours. She is in transition now. During the next 4 years she will become less and less our and more and more her own.

On Wednesday, Jenny posted her One Little Word on her blog. (The idea is from Ali Edward’s blog and her post can be seen here.) Since Wednesday, I have been going through words like candy. I explored and rejected quite a few words (like Freedom, Pure, and Quest) because even though they seemed to be me, they just made me feel stressed. Quite often people tell me “enjoy your girls now as before you know it they will grow up and be off on their own.” So maybe this is the year to start doing that; to stop and finally say, “This is what we have and it is good. ” Maybe it is time to just stop everything and CHERISH what I have, what we have as a family…

This morning Jenny sent me the link to a blog with the most delicious header that I have ever seen. This blog is called Altogether Too Happy and I bloglined it immediately. I loved her entry for her word. I loved the quote from the book On Becoming An Artist by Ellen Langer. I loved how she used her word as a starting point for other words/actions (and I’m going to do a little copying…)

C: Clarity
H: Harmony
E: Engage
R: Relax
I: Isthmus
S: Spirit
H: Humor

I also think that CHERISH is going to be important to my New Year’s Resolution. I don’t want to just GET THROUGH my 3 to 6’s. I want to start to ENJOY my 3 to 6’s. It is not going to hurt to stop to CHERISH each moment, even if it is a stressfilled moment comforting an junior agent who may have had a bad day…

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  1. Your posting was perfect timing, and your word “Cherish” was the word I needed today. My tween son became a teenager this weekend, and as you know some days are more difficult than others (attitude!!!), well this morning was one of them. But after reading your post I too remember him as a baby in our bed, the terrible two’s, his great smile and I realised how quickly the time goes by. I’m going to cherish this time even the attitude!!!, because it too will pass.

  2. Hum…Interesting choice, I thought you were going to go with “happy” or even better “satisfied” ;)

    This probably isn’t a good time to tell you what the book Stumbling Upon Happiness says about children, parents and happiness. According to him, they’ve conducted studies that show a parents level of happiness is highest when they first get married and gradually decreases until the children move out. Thereupon, the aforesaid happiness level returns to its previous early marriage levels (oops, maybe I shouldn’t comment while at work :) ).

    The theory is that people remember being happy when they had young children because otherwise no one would have offspring and we would all go the way of the Shakers.

    It is sooo foggy here today that we can’t see East Hartford!’


  3. Loving Your Word says:

    I love your word choice!
    That really really works!!
    Made me tear up reading it… it’s so hard to choose just one word isn’t it? Seems easy – but to pick one, the one that’s just right, takes considerable reflection. I’ve challenged DH and kids to come up with their one word too. Little do they know it, but they will also be joining in on “the” project. I think after this I will bop on over to IHA’s blog and challenge him too. Wonder what he’d pick???

    Also thank you for the links and stuff. Glad you liked the ones I sent you! :) They are my favorites too.

    Happy friday my dear! :)

  4. Love your word choice, cherish. Ahhh…you have an 8th grade girl too…we have one of those. High school is coming, oh my. I cannot believe how quickly things have already gone by. I wonder if the time will pass as quickly for our other two little ones. Have a good Sunday.

  5. I’m going to cherish the fact that I just got caught up reading your blog entries! Yeah! I’m not sure the 4 years will seem that fast as they are going by. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on this at that time.

    But I’m pretty sure she will be too little to graduate! Just like her Mom!

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