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Um, yes, this post is really called signs of spring. I’m counting down, you know, for solar dyeing season (T minus 4 months?). I do have a sign of spring though… The sap is a-running:


This is a maple tree at White Memorial. Where the woodpeckers drilled the holes in the trunk (and they really went to town on this tree), the was sap running down and even dripping from overhead. A sure sign of spring, don’t you think? While Agent B was at her Jr. Audubon animal tracking program, I had a couple of hours to myself. I resisted the urge to drive down the street to the Village Sheep and I sat in my car and chatted with my sister (on the phone) and I read and I knit. After a while I got out and took a stroll and some photos. One of the photos became my new blog header. I was just wondering what you think of it? Do you think it is too hard to read the words? Do they blend in too much?

(eta:  If you have any ideas of what I can do to make the wrods stand out better, please let me know – I use (very inexpertly) Photoshop Elements 3.0.) 

Of course, that was Sunday and this is New England and we are back to winter. It is a very pretty winter though as the snow is very sticky and the trees are snow covered and wonderlike. When the sun comes out, it is spectacular. This is the view of my front yard this morning though it is difficult to truly capture the sparkle.


Here is my tiny little knitting content before I go off to watch NCIS. I’m gearing up to start Tangled Yoke and I needed some new needles*. Do you think I got a bit carried away?


Have a great evening!

* And btw, I take all my needles on the bus.

13 Responses to “Signs of Spring?”
  1. Good luck with your TYC. Not carried away at all. Just wish my KP order would arrive already.

  2. WOW! Look at all the needles. Well, you HAD to buy at least $50 to get the free shipping, so you can justify it like that…and they won’t spoil, or anything. :o )
    64 days until Spring!!!
    On the lettering…and Photoshop…hmm…can you use an outline effect on the letters to make them standout?

  3. I did, really once you have to buy a couple needles you just might as well get $50.00 worth, right?

    I was thinking about outlining. I tried it and I could figure out how to do all kinds of fancy things with the letters, but simple outlining, I couldn’t do. There is someone I work with at the library who is a graphic artist Photoshop expert and I might be able to ask her… There must be a way to do a letter outline and then fill it with a different color?

    64 days? Whoohooo!

  4. Just looked up Tangled Yoke on Ravelry. Lovely!!!

    How do you like the KP needles?

    I like the new header pic! Words aren’t hard to read but to stand out more, have you tried other colors for the lettering?

  5. Great header photo! Have fun playing with your new needles. My bunny ate one of my Knitpick’s needle’s cable and so I need to go buy a new one. Yes more needles.

  6. > $50 for needles???????

    Maybe you shouldn’t put that where your DH can read!!!


  7. oh my, do I need all those needles too? Just got first ever order from KP..was pleasantly surprised with Swish for its softness. Perhaps I DO need to buy needles from them too. Can’t wait to cast on TYC and perhaps I will actually finish it with the KAL we have planned. When shall we start?

  8. Nature Lover says:

    As always the first thing I need to remark on is that I love your nature photos! You really have such an amazing eye both for theme and composition. I like your banner just the way it is. Yep. I do.

    I see your DH weighed in on the needles too, mine does the same thing! Gotta watch those DHs!!!

    Glad spring is in the air by you… here it is (you’ll never guess this one) gray and gloomy and snowing. Icky.

    Happy almost Friday!!! :)

  9. I hear nice things about the new Harmony Wood needles – it will be interesting to hear if you like them.

    New banner photo is nice – what do you think of red lettering or outlining – a color red from the berries?

    I’m shocked that DH would have an issue with you spending money! Gasp!

  10. Thank you for all the compliments on my banner heading. I did play around with the colors and tried outlining, but it didn’t improve it so I’m going to leave it for a while.

    I think my DH, Mr. IHA himself was just joshing me about the price of my needles, because, oh my goodness, did I tell you how much he spent on headphones for his new Blackjack? I’m still hyperventilating a bit over that. I didn’t even know that headphones could cost more than like $20.00!

    I haven’t used the Harmony needles yet, but I’ve used the other ones and they are like the pointiest needles I’ve ever seen! Have to really beware not to leave them in a chair!

  11. Ouch! He he he yes only crappy headphones cost $20 or less. As I sit here with my wireless rechargeable ones on – listening to Pottercast – has IHA and Agent K been listening lately – last couple episodes of 2007 include an interview with J.K. Rowling – which was so great. Next Movie is supposed to be out in November!

  12. * Meant to comment on your * as well! I love when you quote my favorite songs. Oh and I saw a new John Cusack Movie – The Contract – we have started watching the downloadable movies last week on Netflix. At the beginning of last week we got 17 hours with our level of membership and at the end of the week they moved to unlimited for the same price!

  13. Ok, I have to step in and insert some truth regarding my headphones.

    For the record, my headphones (after negotiating the sales guy down by $10 and the $40 rebate) were less than the needles.


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