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Hello and happy Saturday! I just wanted to write a quick post to update you on some really exciting things in my life like my new super pointing Knitpicks Options needles. Love them! Here they are in all their pointiness:


I know, I a little late for the Knitpicks Options boat as I’m sure you have all been there and done that, but I already had so many Addi Turbos when they came out that I didn’t buy any. I’m only on my 4th row of Tangled Yoke Cardigan (whensforth to be known as TYC) but I really like them. Did I say they were supper pointy? Also in the spirit of full disclosure, I have yet to use Addi Turbo Lace needles, but I may never really get around to that as my budget loves these!

I also have their 6 inch metal dpns for socks. These are sharp sharp sharp too. I started my Fiesta Boomerang socks last week and I have one done already. Love them!


I haven’t been keeping up with this dear blog as much as I resolved to and I think one of the reasons is that I have been trying desperately to restock my Etsy shop. I’ve been working on it for the last 3 days (and my poor family has been suffering a bit from lack of Cherishing). Agent B came into my office last night and brushed my hair. She said that I looked like LFG from the back and wanted to show me so she took some photos. So here is what my family has seen of me lately:


my back and a table of fiber and paperwork.

I’m trying out some new things at Etsy. I listed a couple of knitted hats and some dyed scarves. For some reason, for me, things I list that are finished products rather than supplies like fiber and yarn do not really sell as quickly. I don’t know why, perhaps more marketing is needed? Speaking of Etsy, I found the coolest shop today when I was playing with Pounce. I can’t mention it now because there is a surprise for someone in my order, but as soon as I can, I will be posting about it!

So what else? Oh yeah, for a while now I’ve wanted to tell you about a good book that I read and highly recommend.


It is called The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. It is a Young Adult book but almost all the library staff and even some husbands have read it and it seems to have universal appeal. It amazes me how the author incorporates so many facets of life including history, sports, politics, religion, friendship, romance, parenting, theater, and literature into an already interesting story line. It takes place during the school year of 1967 -1968 and since I was born in 1968, I’m always interested to read about all the things that happened then when I was alive, but too young to understand. 1968 was an especially busy year. It was probably a turning point in our country’s history which makes it an interesting year for our main character’s (Holling Hoodhood’s) story to take place as he comes of age. I guess that is about all that I can say about it without turning into a spoiler, but seriously, if you get a chance, give it a read.

In closing, I’m going to post a sky photo as it is a very popular trend now with the blogs I read. This is my yesterday’s sky:



Have a great weekend!

5 Responses to “Hey! You Could Poke Someone’s Eye Out With Those!”
  1. Hi! I am with you on the Knit Picks needles…they are SUPER pointy! But, they are great. I love them (and the price is good too). The socks you are making are a great color…ooooo….pretty. I hope that you get your Etsy store re-stocked soon so that you can get back to your cherishing. :o )
    Thanks for the book recommendation, I will have to look for that one.
    Nice sky!

  2. Nature Lover says:

    Oh your sky looks lovely. Really, really, REALLY lovely. Such a wonderful thing a blue sky with whispy clouds is. Much better then constant gray…

    Those new needles of yours look nifty, neat, and needlicious! (okay, before i lapse into Suessisms I best make this brief…)

    You look very productive there in your office! How goes the 3 – 6 battles?! :)

    Have a super weekend!!!

  3. I love the Knitpicks needles too! I actually have some Harmony Wood tips on the way to me so that I can knit a bolero. (I have some options and some harmony wood, and I love them both for different purposes. Plus, you’re right, they fit the budget!)

  4. Your Etsy shop looks great! And Pounce is addictive (and potentially dangerous due to its randomness of things popping up for purchase.)

  5. Thanks to Agent J – my hair is not that straight anymore! I love my curly no bother look!

    Have a great day and wow you are a prolific knitter!

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