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Tuesday’s Connecticut sky photo:


I say, brrrr, it’s cold in here. There must be some huskies in the atmosphere!

I say, brrrr, it’s cold in here. There must be some huskies in the atmosphere!

That is another way of saying that it is freaking cold outside. Also, it is fun living with with a 13 year old cheerleader when the cheers get stuck in your head.  I guess it is better than the Barney songs from when she was 3. Maybe?

Now will someone do something about all these darn dogs hanging out in my sky?

5 Responses to “Huskies in the Atmosphere”
  1. LOL!! That’s so cute!! Love the picture. :) I agree, it’s been TOO COLD. And that bad, four-letter word is in today’s forecast. Yuck, is it spring yet?

  2. Hahah. My 14 year old is a cheerleader too…and I think that the cheers are better than Barney. Certainly a move ahead, which is good…that way I do not have Barney stuck in my head all the time.
    It is FREEZING out there. BRRR. Hmmm…how would one get Huskies out of the sky?

  3. When my niece was eight and had her little cheerleading adventure, it was hot, and it was undoubtedly due to rockets in the atmosphere. I prefer your Husky version with its accompanying visual.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day when you would intentionally put dogs in your photos!

    I’m guessing that cheer has some stomping to it!

  5. Go Huskies! says:

    Now I am VERY impressed with your Photoshop expertise!!! This picture did make me smile and I could hear Agent K in the back of my head cheering. I LOVE the blue skies of the picture, cold or not I love the blue……

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