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I am looking for a new camera.  My current camera (PowerShot SD800 IS) is just fine, but I find myself looking for “that better shot” and I’m ready to learn something new.  Dave (IHA) and I have been researching now for about a week (after saving money for a couple of months), and yesterday we went out to see cameras live.  I have whittled down my choices to 2 models; one being a Canon (Rebel XSi) and one being a Nikon (D90).  Overall, I think I find that the Canon has more of the features that I want and it is smaller and lighter which is good for me.  The Nikon is heavier but it feels sturdier — perhaps constructed with higher quality material or at least it gives off the essence of higher quality.

Apparently, to know which one I should get, I have to figure out what kind of person I am.  Here is a quote from the Yarnographer’s Ravelry forum:  “It is my experience that there are generally two types of people: Canon people and Nikon people. I have a number of professional photographers as friends, and all of us shoot with one or the other. Some started out on one and switched to the other because one was simply more intuitive to use, or produced better results according to the style of that photographer. I’ve seen switches going both ways, with the end results from both brands being equal in quality.” (by ShoelessWonder – that is her flickr link since those photos are gorgeous!)

I don’t know which one I am.  I know that I’m a PC person and not a Mac person. I know that I’m an NCIS person and not a American Idol person.  I know that I’m an Elizabeth Berg person and not a Janet Evanovich person.  I know that I’m a Malibrigo person and not a Noro person. But I don’t know if I’m a Canon person or a Nikon person.   I wonder if there is a blood test — perhaps there is a camera blood group system and I can find out if I’m Canon positive or Nikon positive. With my luck I would probably be CanonNikon and have one allele of both.

I do have Canon cameras, but they were both gifts so I don’t know if I would have chosen them on my own or not.  I do know that I like the Canon software and I’m familiar with their menus (which would decrease the learning curve time), but what if my true calling is Nikon and I would never know it.

I keep asking for advice from everyone I know and I’ve received quite a bit of good info.  Dave’s assistant’s (who is an avid photographer and Canon person) advice for the day was to not worry so much about the body, but to put the $$$ into the glass.  Ahhh… more research!

ShoelessWonder (also a Canon person) ended that same Ravelry forum post with this quote:  “The point is that with all of the different models offered by the two companies, there really isn’t a professional who can’t find a Canon or a Nikon to be perfectly at home with. The question of brand ends up being determined by how you think and move and shoot, and not so much by quality or skill level.”

Apendix (because blogs can have these too)

Table 1.)  Research sources I’ve viewed so far:
XSi, D90
The reviews here are extensive – each review has its own discussion even.
XSi, D90
You can see that they are both cameras with increasing popularity.
Etsy Forums
Ravelry Forums
Camera Labs
XSi, D90, and direct comparison (partway down the page)
This site is great.  Not only do they have in depth product reviews but they have photo comparisons for each model and video tours (I would recommend that anyone goes there just to watch the video tour for their current camera.)
XSi, D90
Consumer Reports Magazine
In the Basic dSLR camera rating comparison, the Canon EOS Rebel XSi is a Recommended model, number 2 to the Pentax K200D. The Nikon D80 is number 3 and the D90 is not rated.
Numerous other books and Magazines

Table 2.)  What I’m looking for in a new camera:

1.) Better photos for my Etsy shop. I want to be able to take good photos of all colors including purples, blues, and greens.

2.)  Better photos of my children. My current camera takes so long to shoot that I always miss the photo that was meant to be.  Remember, I have 3 girls who will all be teens before we know it and the smiles can be fleeting.

3.)  Better sports photos.  Not possible with my current camera. This job will probably mostly fall to Dave so he has to like the camera too.

4.) Better indoor photos.  I don’t even bother bringing my camera to band concerts or graduations anymore.

5.) Better macro photos.  I love taking close up nature photos shots.

6.) I do not want to get frustrated.  I realize that I am going to have to do a lot of reading and practicing with my new camera and I may even want to take a class, but I don’t want to end up giving up and never taking the camera out of the bag.

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