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Time is flying by and I really don’t know where it is going!  I think it is facebook the girls, I think–as they get older, they get busier. (Plus, it is a non-sport season for K and she has been getting home at 2:30 all winter. How are moms supposed to do anything when their day ends at 2:30???)  I have been the world’s poorest blogger this month–3 posts so far as compared to 19 in 2007 and 15 in 2008.  I know that people say that time goes by faster as you get older but this is crazy!  Anyway, this post is about 2 projects. An old project and a new project, please read on…

Frog it or Finish it Project for all the Fridays of February:

My Second Pair of Jaywalkers (how is that for an original name?)

Start date: February 2007!!!!!

Yarn: Hand dyed Knit Picks Bare – Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight

Needles: Size 1 !!!!!!!!

Thoughts: The reason this is a “finish it” project and not a “frog it” is due to the knitting memories that the beginning of the first sock holds.  I started this project for our trip to California in 2007.  Also, I knit on these socks when my dad was in the hospital in the spring of 2007.  These are my second pair of Jaywalkers and I should have known not to knit the same pattern twice.  Looking through back blog posts, I can see another reason why I abandoned this project for so long was because I wanted to knit with the yarn I had purchased while in California from which I made these and this.  It looks like I was also making one or 2 other things that spring.  Once again, I ask, where has all the time gone? Why did  I used to have so much more?

New Project:

Stripey Cardi 2009

Start date:February 22, 2009

Pattern: Indigo Playmate by Wendy Bernard from Custom Knits

Yarn: 7 colors of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

Needles: Size 6 Addi Turbos

Thoughts: I bought this yarn to make a stripey sweater from a Mission Falls pattern book, but decided on using the Indigo Playmate pattern instead since it is knit in one piece and there will be fewer ends to weave in and less bulk from seams.  I’m just knitting random stripes so it could turn out to be fabulous or it could turn out to be completely wonkey!  We shall see!

What’s up around here:

This weekend is sort of my birthday (that is, it is in the quick flash of time at midnight on Saturday before Sunday truly begins).  I have both scrapbooking and knitting plans so I know it is going to be fun!  We are also have a small dinner here on Saturday night with my parents.  I think I like these very quiet low-key off-birthday-year birthdays better than the huge milestones (like years that are multiples of both 10 and 4!). Dave gave me his present yesterday–he brought my van out to be “detailed.”  It is SO clean it is scary!

The girls have been ok this winter, though it is getting long…  They have been sick off and on but nothing serious.  It does seem sometimes though with 3 of them, there is often someone home sick from school.  I haven’t been getting too many days for getting things done.  Of course, spring sports will start soon and all heck will break loose!  Agents J and B are playing softball and K is still deciding between crew and lacrosse neither of which she has done before. She seems to be currently leaning toward lacrosse.  I guess it doesn’t matter to me which one she picks as they seem to be equally dangerous.

Snickerdoodle is getting big.  He can no longer be technically classified as a “kitten.’  He has some really wild, crazy hyper moments!  It can be scary–we think he is part wildcat–possibly tiger or lion. And of course I have a gratuitious cat photos for you.  Here is SD with his favorite skein of handspun wool:

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